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MilkyTracker - Sub-forums here at TMA.

Chibi Tracker - Sub-forums here at TMA.

Nitro Tracker - Sub-forums here at TMA.

ModPlug Tracker / OpenMPT - ModPlug Central

Renoise - Renoise Forums

Schism Tracker - Schism Message Board / dev forum

If you are the creator of a tracker and have no official forums, you can request a set of sub-forums right here on the Mod Archive community boards (just like Milkytracker and Nitro Tracker have).

Your tracker community will have an immediate audience of over 2000 members, but most importantly, access to an existing community of which your own interested members can participate within.

I wrote another program to compose music for .MOD/.XM formats. Should I request subforums here? The URL of program is at: Do you require this information? Sorry, I am not exactly sure how you want everything posted in here, but I can learn, if you answer me. The forum link is at:

what i am totally missing is
of course it works just a little bit otherwise as it works natively with generators and is maybe less sample based.
But its a good tracker and it is a tracker as such.

Saga Musix:
Well, the list above is by no means intended to be complete... is not a forum though, is it? I know there used to be BuzzChurch, is that gone? seems to be the official forum these days but it's pretty empty.

The old forum of AmigaMML is now gone, sorry. The program still exists though and has been updated since then. How to request?


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