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Author Topic: Do Fasttracker II Effects work in MilkyTracker without the GUI? Please help :(  (Read 3872 times)

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Ive been reading the Fasttracker Manual on their main site because Milkytracker is based on FT2 and it's been really helping me, But in the effects part of the book, to change the volume slider using just effects for the channel (i hope this makes sense) You change the secondary tempo to 06 (I'm guessing the primary tempo is the BPM, and the secondary is the spd) Please let me know if i'm wrong.
So i changed spd to 06 and it says after loading up a song i need to add the effect command "A" and after, in the effect parameters should be 0F, so (as an example) on the first line of the channel (00) i should have...
C4 1 A 0F

And the volume when the effect takes place, should decrease.
Am i doing it right? Because the effect isnt working for me at all.

The manual is from 1999 and from what i can see, everything that certain effects can do, can be done with the GUI.

What am i doing wrong?

Please help me guys, i can't go any further in the manual because i feel like i need to know this :(

P.s, Just one more Question. on the channel editor, what the difference between the blue digits and the green digit's, i know the green digit's change the volume but isnt that the same as the blue ones?

Thanks so much guys. :D


Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it :)
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Effect commands like volume slides do not modify settings like sample volume (the volume slider in the instrument editor). An Axy effect will simply slide the volume up or down from the current volume.

In the GUI, all the settings are permanent defaults which are used unless otherwise specified. A volume command like Cxx (or simply xx in the volume column) will temporarily override the GUI setting but it isn't modified.

The digits next to the note column (the by-default blueish ones) mark the instrument number.
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