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Author Topic: for music directory browser: static archive listings instead of XML-API ?  (Read 3894 times)

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I'm writing a browser for internet music directories. Primarily it looks up radio stations from Shoutcast and Co. But I thought it would be nice, if it would also list some user-chosen directories like ModArchive.
It would appear as another tab in the program, and simply list the categories. If a user selects one of those, the genre gets load and displayed. In the case of TAM, it would simply list single audio files (with author and other meta information) instead of radio stations.

Your API interface looks nice. But I'm not sure if it is a practical approach for application such as mine. If the API query feature were built-in the API key was exposed by distribution. So that's obviously not an option.

Did you ever think about making a static list file of the archive? for example has such a thing:  +  yp.xml
They have a much smaller directory than ModArchive. Their yp.xml is 900K. For god-knows-what reason, they do not auto-compress it, else it'd be just 10% of that.

Such a static list would be way more useful in my application. But then, ModArchiv with its >100000 entries was still too huge for the simple-minded listing approach of st2. Therefore I think an audio file list EXCERPT from every category/genre would be more appropriate.
It's not as if people are going to click on every single mod, if it was listed in this application. And hence it wouldn't make much sense to actually display ALL of them.
If there was a ModArchive plugin in streamtuner2, then it can practically only serve as genre browser for getting an overview. Instead of slowing the GUI down with >1000 list entries, I'd think the channel homepage button makes a nice substitute for complete listings.

Getting back at the API versus static xml listfile. It might instead be possible, that if I had an API key, to make a static xml list myself. I can then store it on an external server, which my or other applications request. It would probably suffice it it gets updated every few weeks instead - since it would probably be an excerpt anyhow.

But btw, is it somehow possible to combine API queries? Like searching from genre "Pop" but only listing the newest additions or highest rated entries?
Clashes with &type=new_additions and &request=chart&query=topscore.

Or do the result sets contain such meta information already (rating/downloads/timestamps)? Else I'd probably just implement a random filter...


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I don't think Mod archive is a suitable candidate for your application from what you have presented here. You have a little more convincing to do ;)

I have to say that Mod archive is small compared to your other sources, and barely scrapes by with the resources it has. So I have to be very careful in identifying potential troublesome applications.

Mod archive is not a directory server - your users would be leeching the downloads as well as extensive querying of the database, and circumventing the website while doing so, thus not enabling any potential return for the added burden.

Coding you a customized source file is pretty much out of the question.

Basically, I'd like to know what's in it for the site (or me, as it's my project) to have this browser interaction? It's more of a "what can you do for us" question, rather than the other way around ;)

Regarding your question about combining API queries. The API documentation details exactly what's possible, but yes, it's possible to put a genre filter onto most of the requests (recently added feature, need to update the documentation).

Or do the result sets contain such meta information already (rating/downloads/timestamps)? Else I'd probably just implement a random filter...

Yes. But what's a "random filter"?
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