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Author Topic: Where you get your samples from?  (Read 13550 times)

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Re: Where you get your samples from?
« Reply #10 on: June 28, 2009, 06:14:31 »

Usually, if I'm tracking in Milky, I'll use 4 samples from The Day They Landed, 2 leads, a bass drum, and a hihat [the samples are so nice, I'm sorry!]; or I'll draw my own in the editor.

If I'm in Renoise, I have massive amounts of samples gained from samplepacks [notably from For The System's one month sample compos, which seem to be a total mess in organizing, but lots of good samples come out from the provided samplepacks], loaded binary files, hand drawn, made from VSTs, etc. Most of my samples there are breakbeats though.


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Re: Where you get your samples from?
« Reply #11 on: June 29, 2009, 17:39:01 »

I sample a lot of old music, recycle it thoroughly and once it reaches Milky, it will sound very unlike the original.

If you're wondering what samples sound like, here are a few VERY popular ones that many people have used in disco house and such: (4:17 is when the sample starts) (the whole damn thing, but especially 2:00 and the "i got the feelin loop")

using samples like this is kind of tough in trackers though, unless you find a specific hit and then keymatch the track to it and add more samples later

sampling vsts is also a great idea and fairly easy to do too.


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Re: Where you get your samples from?
« Reply #12 on: May 07, 2010, 15:02:42 »

where DON'T i get my samples from, hah!

right now, i'm stuck on what i thought would be a rather mindless and easy (if time consuming) task of converting old Roland Sampler Library disk images to Fast Tracker XI format so i/people can use them in XI-supporting trackers like Renoise, Milky Tracker and MOD Plug Tracker.

i ran into complications...

but i'm a sound whore. i have spent months collecting sounds. in the end, most of my favourite sounds are the ones that were created in the land before time... the original ST set of samples that the classic MODs of yester-decade used over and over. when i had money and a real life, i even bought some synths to recreate some of those old samples (a Roland V-Synth XT has a Roland D50 built in, and many of the classic MOD sounds from the SoundTracker/Protracker era were sampled from the D50, among other synths popular at the time).

when i still had my home studio, i had a stack of DVDs that were samples from the internet. most were from hardware synthesizers, most were free from communities around those synths (SoundFonts, Kurzweil banks & Akai programs that i converted with Awave Studio) and samples of instruments found on Korg, Roland, Kawai, etc. synths, shared online among many different music community people...

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