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Author Topic: Install Milkytracker on an EEE PC?  (Read 7552 times)

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Re: Install Milkytracker on an EEE PC?
« Reply #10 on: March 02, 2010, 18:12:04 »

eee pc......well

a)First of all we get rid of that pesky Xandros distro (isnt it just awful??....isnt transform your powerful eee into a celphone???) and curse them for 12 generations.
b)We download some nice ubuntu-flavored distro like eeebuntu or easy-peasy (eeebuntu is better,you choose) and we make a boot usb using unetbootin in order to burn the iso image of the before mentioned distros into live-usb.
c)Install OS
d)applications ->add/remove or system ->administration-> synaptic manager  or open a terminal and shoot sudo apt-get install milkytracker
e)Open a terminal and run a milkytracker. Terminal help us to keep track of possible errors and malfunctions.

Nomad tips.....

If thinks become errory all you need to review is the conf file located in home->username directory->.milkytracker . Ctrl+H to reveal it because is hidden and choose .milkytracker



if and only IF milkytracker still not working install Wine and use the windows version (it works fine but i do not recommend it.

Be well and track like a 8088 on mescaline
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