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Author Topic: iPhone 3D Platformer - Looking for music  (Read 4323 times)

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iPhone 3D Platformer - Looking for music
« on: May 07, 2010, 21:54:41 »

Hey, I've been working on a 3d platformer for the iphone and managed to implement music modules for background game music.

We have two iPhone titles available on the AppStore (Ignite, NovaRift Arena) so you can count on us finishing projects that we start. Ignite being our first iPhone title we were featured by apple in various countries in various categories. We are all gamers and have history working in game development priror to our venture into mobile gaming.

Our next project is our first venture into 3D gaming and so far we have something that runs very fast but is also small on memory. We've incorporated 3d physics, graphics, audio, and input to our engine. Whenever on iPhone memory resources are always small, So this further gives us reason to target music modules. Honestly we could stream mp3 like we have in the past but the feel of the game fits classic gaming.

The goal for our next project is that it is fun, silly, and fast. Only considered casual in the way that some people now consider playing a classic Mario or Megaman game to be. There will be a story that is lighthearted, funny, witty, but will not require a lot of thinking except for the few occasional plot twists. The theme behind the game is robots and global robot competitions between countries on earth. Featured countries in the game will have a robot and pilot team. While most of the time in games when real countries get involved it tends to be a downer, But our goal is to use the real locations as reference to the characters who are fictional but represent the corresponding country in a good and sometimes comedic way. We feel that this can be done and a example of another game that does this would be Street Fighter 2.

The graphics/ theme of the game is a lot of color similar to some of the first 3d games in arcades (Virtua Cop, Virtua Fighter) and Super Mario 64. Enemies are planned to be robotic as well (similar to Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog) and are placed throughout competitions by the country hosting the competitions. While there will be boss fights the game focuses around platforming. Platforming levels work similarly to Banjo Kazooie Super Mario 64 as well.

While we have had some success of popularity on the AppStore, unfortunately we still do not have the money to fund art including music and sound effects. So we cannot provide funds for any music you'd like to submit for the game. We do not expect custom or exclusive music, though if you are inspired to do so that would be cool. What we are looking for is music that is has the feel of mid 90's gaming but with a electronic / robotic essence that we can at minimum get a non exclusive license to. I think most of the people know what i mean when I say mid 90's, but to be clear i mean a classic sound to the music that you could find in many arcades back then. It's a plus if it sounds regional to a location. You will get a place on the credit screen and be able to provide more contact info in game if wished including links.

Anyone interested in submitting songs for review or have more questions you can contact me via private message or posting in this thread here.

The different parts to the game include:
  • Title Screen
  • Character Select
  • Level Select
  • Character theme(doesn't always need to be the a anthym)
  • Level Start
  • Level Complete
  • Level Music ( many levels planed )
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