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Tracked/oldskool/executable music compo @ Farmfest 2010.


Farmfest is once again having music compos. This year, the party takes place from the 19th to the 23rd of August. The deadline for remote entries is the 18th of August.

If we get enough entries, we can separate all the entries into 3 individual compos, rather than one combined compo.


* One entry per person. No more.
* Any format that xmp can play (XM, IT, MOD, S3M, SID, SND, etc) and executable.
* xmp will be used to play all modules.
* If submitting a track done in Renoise, it will be entered into the streaming music compo. You'll want to complain, but rules are rules, sorry!
* If submitting an executable, you MUST also supply an mp3 with your entry.
Send your entries to:

You have a week from now, so best get moving. And good luck!

Edit: The website address is;


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