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Author Topic: new milkytracker features in the making  (Read 901 times)

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Re: new milkytracker features in the making
« Reply #10 on: September 07, 2022, 07:00:46 »

I think that's a great idea on starting the side project for your modified Milky, I can imagine there might be some purist kind of thinking that wouldn't want it straying too far from FT2. But I think what you're doing is great we need an alternative to Renoise that still feels like FT2 but doesn't run VST plugins. SunVox is great and all, and I've recently realized that my biggest gripe with it (that you can't have unused patterns that you can put off to the side while you try something new) is actually not true, I didn't realize you could just throw patterns you don't want to play to the left of the start position. So that's cool. But SunVox just doesn't have the same feel. So yes I think it's awesome and can't wait to see what you come up with.

BTW how can I get the latest build? I've be poking around in GitHub but I don't see anything. I don't have a compiler set up on this computer and not really wanting to at the moment... Are there binaries available? I would really like to try out the new features and try to write a script so I can sample my hardware from it... actually I'd like to try and see what else I can come up with as far as scripts go I've never done that kind of thing before so I'll have to learn but it will be very worth it especially I'd like to come up with scripts I can run in the sample editor for things I do often or things that would be hard to do in general... like I'd love to make a script that puts just one sample at zero amplitude at the end of a sample, for those oddball samplers that require it, like any of the sound blaster ones I have an AWE 64 gold card that I need to find a computer to stick in... if you make custom soundfonts using padsynth samples OMG the best pads I've ever made. Run through it's analog filters and then it's chorus and reverb... the absolute best. And the fact that you can layer up practically as many as you want since you have 64 channels to work with. If you use it as just a synth and don't try to make songs only in it (which you can do but I like just using it as a HW synth) it is an AMAZING piece of gear. It needs just one blank sample at the end of the sample, I've never found an efficient way of doing that, it would be amazing if I could make a script for that. Anyway I'd really like to try out the new features especially that random sample generator I think I could really make use of that and edit the hell out of them to make some cool instruments. A pointer in the right direction would be very appreciated. If I have to I'll compile it though. Have you even posted the code yet?


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Re: new milkytracker features in the making
« Reply #11 on: September 07, 2022, 09:59:13 »

Agreed, I've send you a reply (as private message).
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