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Where did people get samples from?


Retro Banana:
I've been listening to a lot of Skaven's songs lately, and I've been wondering: where did he (and many other amazing tracker musicians) get his samples from?

Synthesizers, sound libraries, CDs, TV...

Saga Musix:
Talking about Skaven specifically, he often just used other people's samples, who used the sources that raina provided.

yeah I have a ton of samples that I sometimes use from skaven's modules, even sounds from video games I render into pure sounding samples.  Good way to do that (and I usually do this all the time) would be in audacity.  Of course in audacity, you would need to do some paulstretching, as well as some increasing of the amount of seconds of the sound, so that it doesn't sound sloppy or "discombobulated".


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