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Author Topic: Integrated SQL+MML+tracker?  (Read 5378 times)

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Integrated SQL+MML+tracker?
« on: June 21, 2014, 22:35:57 »

OpenMPT (and probably other programs) expect that you aren't editing the file with other programs. I use OpenMPT for playing and examining music, not for editing/writing it.

For writing music I prefer MML (and wrote a program for MML specifically into .MOD and .XM formats).

For editing existing files, I think SQL would help. You shouldn't need all of these search/replace/cleanup/query menu; just using SQL is working much better, I think!

What else can help is after you push compile MML key, it will immediately compile it and then the cursor movement (and selection) in MML and tracker grid will correspond to each other as long as neither is edited in place (and allow the MML also to be edited externally, in a separate process)

Another feature I would like to be able to use with it is OPL2 emulation (usable with S3M, and perhaps an extended UNIMOD format).

I also hate VST, but that doesn't really have anything to do with this; I don't have to use it!

As far as I know, no such software exists. Do you know if there is any?
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