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Sold my remixes for dogecoins


I built upon Lesnik's artwork over here:
And made a chiptune mix of Skaven's Amazonas here:

So far I only earn Dogecoin for selling 2 copies of these in a compilation and I would like to share the profit with Peter Hajba and Piotor Lesnikowsky if they are interested.

The sum I have made is about 600Doge for time travel CD.
Dogecoin is a currency that as well as they can be converted to US cash they are also made for tipping user on Reddit and the like

So far, I didn't made $ out of selling Time Travel CD on Bandcamp but I would like to let Skaven (Peter Hajba) and Lesnik(Piotor Lesnikowski) know that I build upon and remixed arrangements of their works and would like to share any future profit with them.

Thank you in advance for letting yourself know.
May the authors of the original and related may listen to the mixes and decide! I made a good job and won't like to give so easily on the result!

I... Think I have posted a similar message already but it still might interest both artists I based my music on! If Piotor Lesnikowski and Peter Hajba still interested in a share they are welcomed!

Saga Musix:
It's really not that hard to get in touch with Skaven... As for Lesnik, I'm sure some Polish demoscener could come up with a contact. Optimally this is something you should have done in advance and not afterwards.

Also, wrong forum category again, unless you want to imply that you shamelessly ripped some artists' tunes without giving credits, which is apparently not what you did.


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