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About the mod player issue


Hey, look what I found over there:

This thing is fully JavaScript functional, this means: no Java, Flash, nor any other heavy plugin required!

Although this player is kinda messy (normal for an experimental prototype), it does its work pretty well at playback for ProTracker modules. This player is supported by relatively recent browsers (at least the versions released after 2012 should support it).

Looking at its sources, I've found the mechanism used to play the rendered bytes. It can be used in a similar way as in JMod and even my NfmM MOD Player. So, if somebody could port the rendering components of JMod to JavaScript, we would have a chance to get a good replace for the current old Java player being used in ModArchive at the moment.

I'll try to move some logic from the JMod to a JavaScript module to see what I can achieve. I honestly had no idea that webkit would bring stuff for this purposes o.O . I may need to learn more sophisticated JavaScript meanwhile.

Saga Musix:
We are well aware that there are several alternatives out there, including JavaScript ports, however the main problem with the player you linked is that it plays MOD only, and that the emscripten ports of good mod players (xmp, libopenmpt) are still rather slow unless you have a beast of a computer.

I found another player (based on the first one tho), this one with better performance. Some of its scripts suggest there is .xm and .it support being developed.

Hopefully the work for those formats should be done in a nearly future. It wouldn't be perfect, but would still be better than a Applet most of people can't get to start.

Yeah, I gave up on Applets. It was just a matter of time.

Saga Musix:
Even if it supported IT and XM it would still be a small subset of what libopenmpt and ModArchive support. As said, libopenmpt is already there, it "just" needs to be integrated. Just like that player you linked, it won't magically integrate itself into ModArchive. Hence, I'm still looking for someone who'd like to help out writing the necessary code for integrating libopenmpt into ModArchive's pages.


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