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Author Topic: I know it's a big ask, but....  (Read 281 times)

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I know it's a big ask, but....
« on: August 31, 2022, 09:13:45 »

I'd really like to be able to sample from my hardware straight into milky. Right now 8bitbubsy's clone gets a lot of use from me because the sampling is a feature I use all the time... don't get me wrong I'll still use both and Renoise as well, but Milky would get a lot more use from me if sampling was added. I'm not a rich man but I'd be willing to donate some money, like if this was on the horizon I could just put aside some money each paycheck... I've been giving 5 bucks a month to Vital since it was released if Milky had some kind of deal like that I'd be happy to sign up but either way I could just hit that donate button on an interval. I really like the interface on it and how you can adjust the colors of the different columns in the pattern editor... or the fact that you can have quadruple the channels on an XM if you want.. that's great. Renoise is great and all but I like the fact that Milky is available to everyone. I'd really like to see it developed, It kind of is really becoming FT3 in a way and I think that's a great thing! Just need to get sampling in there to really open it up for a more fluid workflow.

Heck, instead of making a new topic for a really minor request I'll just add it here... I would love to be able to change the color of the envelope line... it's silly but it would be cool. Or if I just haven't been able to figure it out please let me know.

Thanks for your consideration :)


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Re: I know it's a big ask, but....
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2022, 11:58:41 »

Good question!
I'm curious whether other people are also interesting in this, and which platforms (windows/sdlaudio/jack/pulseaudio/mac etc) get the most votes (milkytracker supports ~11 platforms).

There are some caveats here, since selecting input sources across different platforms is quite complex to code, and these days systems have multiple inputs (webcam mic, usb audio etc) so a ' default input'-approach is probably not going to cut it.

However, the good news is that in the upcoming release there will already be two ways to sample into Milkytracker:

1. easy: by launching your favorite wave-editor from the sample-editor:

Basically rightclick 'Scripts > editor/wavosaur` (on windows) or `Scripts > editor/audacity` (on linux).
You can also add your own favorite wave-editor by opening `config.scripts.txt` adding it there.

Not Ideal, but so far this is the most comfortable path, as external wave-editors also let you choose inputs, apply some pluginfx etc, before it gets imported into the sample-editor automatically.
Soon I will make a youtube tutorial about this, but it's a one-click integration (and ctrl+s in the wave-editor).

2. custom: by integrating your own sampler from the sample-editor:

Here are example sampler-scripts:

The `sampler.*`-files demonstrate various way of sampling into milkytracker, the ones with `.ps1` are for windows.
For example, I'm using `sampler.pulseaudio` on my linuxmachine which is setup to record the soundcard output (therefore no routing or virtual audiointerfaces are needed)...anything can be sampled like etc.

> change color of envelope in instrument editor

To which color?
Right now it's indeed hardcoded.
What about linking it to the waveform-color of the sample-editor? (which shares the same backgroundcolor, so it will stay consistent with the colorpalette?)
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Re: I know it's a big ask, but....
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2022, 15:45:41 »

thanks for the info about scripts, I wasn't aware that that scripts was in Milky I'll check it out for sure on sunday, my work schedule is pretty intense until then I do a compressed workweek, more days off but there's a price for that. I actually forgot to check out the YouTube video the other day I just loaded it now I'll check it out. I think the wave editor idea is great as well, I do have a couple I really like (wavosaur is great and was my main editor until I found acoustica, but for some things it still is better so I use them both, I tend to use acoustica for larger projects with many samples because of the browser, but VST support isn't super great, might be fixed now but I have run into a lot of crashes in the past especially with things that use the hosts timing like any kind of clock so some of the coolest FSU stuff is out).

It's funny you should mention linking to wave color because that's what came to mind to me when I thought of using an existing color... I like that idea very much. While we're talking about colors, if I remember right don't the colors save in a file somewhere like a config file? or am I thinking of another tracker? When I get all the slots full I want to save them but I can always type them in to a text file, I was just going to copy/paste from a config to a text file anyway if I my memory was correct.

Man I'm getting excited I have to force myself to not look into this scripting business I have to go to sleep if I'm not careful I'll find myself working 12 hours on 2 hr sleep it happens way too often.

Can you write a script to sample from one Milky tab to another? Resampling in that way could be really fun... I better quit typing and just check out that video.
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