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Author Topic: Deus Ex Title  (Read 3699 times)

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Deus Ex Title
« on: February 26, 2015, 23:49:25 »

I got bored so I replaced samples in the Deus Ex Title song
Song composed by Alexander Brandon of Straylight Productions
Credits inside IT file.

Made with OpenMPT version

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Re: Deus Ex Title
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2015, 01:08:42 »

I hope it sounds like the original
Close enough. Given that it's literally the original tune with replaced samples, it could sound even closer by simply not replacing the samples.

You could at least have been honest.
No, you didn't use a custom script to rip wav and mp3 samples from UMX files. Deus Ex' UMX files don't contain MP3 samples - maybe the UAX files do but that's besides the point. UMX files are simply a wrapper around regular module formats, such as the IT format. All you did was opening Title_Music.umx in OpenMPT (no need to hide this fact) and replaced a couple of samples. The patterns are 100% identical to the original patterns. Why do you try to hide all these easy to verify facts instead of simply saying that you exchanged a few samples?

Maybe you're a beginner and just were happy to find that some awesome music from an awesome game can be opened in that application you use to compose music. That's completely normal and many of us went through it. But please, next time just be completely honest about what you do, and maybe simply don't publish everything you had fun with on the internet. I have edited a couple of game modules as well in my very early years as a tracker musician but I never ever thought about uploading them, being completely aware that it wasn't my own work. People are generally not that impressed about 1337 sample exchange or instrument editing skillz. ;) Just stay on the right path so that you don't end up like this bunch of folks who had no problem with claiming other people's work as their own.

PS. The original tune is by Alexander Brandon, Eidos is merely the (now defunct) original publisher of the game.
And while we're at cleaning up credits, the Arachno Soundfont is by Maxime Abbey.
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