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Author Topic: Hi there :^  (Read 2661 times)

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Hi there :^
« on: February 01, 2015, 13:33:40 »

Hi there,
my name is haschischtasche and I recently started doing chiptunes again. I decided to finally make a TMA account and upload my stuff, and to my surprise I already got a forum account here, apparently because the MilkyTracker support forums are hosted here. ^^

Anyways, until the stuff I uploaded gets accepted here are a few links:
Vernunft (xm)/YouTube link for lazy people
One of my older chiptunes, uses speed changes and EDX-commands with some pretty low speeds to achieve some (sort of pointless but fun) minimalist tracking style.

Heart, Sticks&Stones (xm)/YouTube link for lazy people
Also old. Somewhat my style I'd guess if I had to describe my style. ;)
Nothing fancy going on here, but hey, mostly composed on a church organ. ^^

The Professor (xm)/YouTube link for lazy people
Fresh stuff and part of my loose "do a piece of soundtrack for an imaginery throwback video game every couple of weeks"-project. Technically very very simple.

Marshlands (xm)/YouTube link for lazy people
Hyper fresh stuff and from my "do a piece of soundtrack for an imaginery throwback video game every couple of weeks"-project. Somewhat inspired by the Cave Story beta soundtrack way of doing things and creating samples.

For Julia (xm)/YouTube link for lazy people
A long overdue birthday present for someone. Not really good, but it's here because it happens to be my first piece of music I made in a tracker. ;)

And then there is this one piece where I am not really sure if I may upload it to TMA (and yeah, I read the rules, but I am no native speaker yadda yadda). Basically it is a cover of 'Concering Hobbits' but as far as my understanding of transformative work goes this is indeed a transformative work. So after you listen to this one, you might wanna tell me your opinion about uploading the XM to TMA. ;)
Concerning Eightbits (xm)/MP3 link for lazy people
A song I made a couple of years ago because I was kindly asked by some guys who wanted to redo the Lord of the Rings movies in Minecraft. It is a cover of Concering Hobbits in a style that somewhat resembles the style of the Minecraft soundtrack. Eventually the project came to a halt, so I didn't finish any other pieces of the LotR soundtrack. (Started most of them though. ;))
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Re: Hi there :^
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2015, 20:48:40 »

Regarding the cover, covers are generally fine, as long as it's obviously made by yourself - e.g. a MIDI file converted to a module format with a handful of manual fixes is something we would usually reject. Same goes for "remixes" that simple consist of large chunks sampled from the original song put together in a new way ("megasamples"). Your tune doesn't contain any of the two, so it's fine to upload it.
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