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Hi, how do I use the PADSynth algorithm in Open MPT and ZynAddSubFX? 

Saga Musix:
The best place to ask questions related to ZynAddSubFX is their sub forum on KVR. Since Zyn is a VST plugin, it behaves the same in all hosts, so this is not a question specific to OpenMPT or any other VST host.

I also mean, how do you use the algorithm on Open MPT itself?

Saga Musix:
What do you mean? OpenMPT does not have its own PADSynth implementation. You must load the ZynAddSubFX plugin, edit it through its GUI and then simply use it like you would use any other plugin or sample.

the great thing about PADSynth is that it outputs samples... so you can use them in whatever you like. if using windows, I recommend the VST version used in any host you just need to get the program loaded and then you save the samples from the ZynAddSubFX interface


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