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Big sample pack!


I have been ripping samples from various MODules, as well as making some myself, for quite some time. So, I decided to make my collection of some 4,000+ samples available for download to others.

Some notes:
-I do not recall ripping samples from any MODule that specifically warned against it, and damn me if I did.
-Most samples are 8-bit mono.
-There might be duplicates.
-Very few have been renamed; as a result, they are typically whatever the name was in the MODule, so they might be named after fragments of an author's comment, which makes finding samples somewhat of a guessing game.

Here you go.

The download link seems to be taken down. Could you re-upload it please?

This one should work.!AuswhJA5SpKjghImaLCp8unG0DK0

Note: It appears not all of the link highlighted, make sure to copypaste all of it.


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