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Nostalgia in Fasttracker 2



Here it is pure and simple. I have come across a way to run Fasttracker 2 on my new windows 10 computer and I have decided to take a look at it again however; I find myself faced with the dilemma that I have absolutely no instruments. I have tried several approaches 1. (broken) 2. download tracks and use their instruments 3. tried looking for samples online.

I have managed to find most of what I want this way however; would like a wider and quicker access. Any suggestions?

Saga Musix:
You can still get the KIArchive samples:
Waveworld (can be found in the same post) has tons of samples in WAV format, which should be just fine for FT2 as well.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I have been looking for something like this for a while.    :D

I guess I do have one last question in regards to that. I looked through the instruments and they are awesome... Was wondering though if it is possible to get a music box one? Or if either of these contains it and I just am having trouble locating it. Thanks!

Saga Musix:
I don't know if either of the two archives contain a musicbox, but if I had to locate one, I'd just pick a good MIDI soundfont or a MIDI syntheiszer and record it from there... You can't open soundfonts directly in FT2 but e.g. in OpenMPT.


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