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using music in my game and licensing


Hey I am just making a computer game on the Unreal Engine 4 (which may take a few years, which only currently me and my brother are making it by ourselves mostly), I am just wondering with one of the music in the mod archives if I want to use this in my game, what do i need to do? Do i need to contact the author and ask him if i can use it, do i need to pay a royalty or license or what do I need to do? I know this music was used in the Unreal game, Though it says copyright (c) 1995 by Necros (though it was edited by Alex Brandon) for Epic Games. Do I need to retrieve a license to use this music in my game (even though it was used for Epic Games), or do I need to contact Epic Games directly?

Thanks for any info :)

Necros / Isotoxin

Saga Musix:
Yes, you will have to contact Necros and ask for permission. This is what  you always have to do unless the module license (e.g. CC-BY) explicitely tells you otherwise.
If you need to find his contact details, his Wikipedia pagemay be a good start (e.g. maybe you can contact him through this facebook page).

Ok thank you! I have contacted him and waiting for response..


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