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Author Topic: Window size resolution issues on windows 10  (Read 4725 times)

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Window size resolution issues on windows 10
« on: March 03, 2016, 16:54:18 »

I'm using v0.90.86 windows 10 with monitors of resolution 1920x1080, 1920x1200 and 1050x1680 (portrait)

First off all I would really like to see a maximize button where you make the milkytracker window lock to the full size of your monitor but you can still see your taskbar.
if this feature would be implemented I would have none of the issues described here. I hope this isn't too much work to consider.

The first odd thing I noticed is when trying to set 1080p as a custom resolution on my laptop it scaled weirdly. meaning the window becomes larger than 1920x1080. I estimate that it becomes around 2100x1100. By trial and error with the custom resolution settings I found out that 1588x798 is the resolution that fills up my screen (minus the windows taskbar). I don't know what's happening there. I wonder why the standard resolutions only go up to 1680x1050.

Luckily this weird scaling doesnt happen on my 1920x1200 monitors but there are still some issues. Because I am using multiple monitors it would be nice to dedicate a fullscreen Milkytracker instance to one screen. I can do that with a workaround. You have to set the secondary monitor as main window in windows resolution settings, then alt enter to fullscreen, and then I can set my intended main monitor back if I want. The maximized Milkytracker window will stay maximized to the secondary monitor.

Also I found out that the scaling options (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x) currently influences the screen size. I don't find this intuitive at all. The scaling can be a nice feature on large monitors (although 4x and 8x seem like a bit much) but it shouldn't multiply the resolution which it currently does.

now the final issue I want to address is that when setting certain custom resolutions, the window messes up and all pixels get crooked like this:

if this happens, you can still go into the layout settings and pick a default resolution by guessing where you have to click on the window by imagining where the pixels would be if the window wasn't messed up like that.

This seems to happen when an odd number of pixels is set, and also at certain other resolutions with even resolution values. To be safe, you can increment the custom resolutions you set by 4 pixels and this wont happen. when incrementing by 2 pixels it happens sometimes. The biggest issue is that this also happens when selecting a custom resolution of 1050x1680 (portrait) which I use natively. This is a great monitor for Milkytracker but it's too bad I can't set it to fullscreen now. What I have to do right now to use it is set the custom resolution to 1048x1614 and move the window to the right position so it fills up the screen. I have no idea where these odd resolutions come from but these seem to be the values I got when trying to iteratively find the right window sizes for my monitors.

In conclusion: The window settings are unintuitive and lack some basic functionality which you would normally expect from an application like this. Milkytracker is a great program and I really hope these issues can be resolved to make it even better. Happy tracking!
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