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Can anyone help me find a track or author


Unfortunately I remember only a few details from the texts and as I studied how the song was made I also remember a lot of technical details from it:

* The genre was pychedelic/goa trance with acid elements;
* It was XM module, of that I'm pretty sure;
* Late 90s, if I had to be hard-pressed I'd say '98 or even '99;
* The author was nordic, I believe Swedish but not 100% sure;
* The drum sounds were distinctly TR-909;
* The bassline was several sampled Rebirth 338 loops (the author hints at rebirth in the texts)with different cutoff/reso levels which are then arranged to create impression that the filter is being continuously tweaked;
* Other synth lines (leads etc.) are using the sample offset effect to emulate filter tweaks -- the author sampled a longish filter sweeping down and then moves offset toward the beggining to emulate opening the filter, interchangeably with volume-downs on odd 32nd notes that emulate trance gate -- quite clever actually;
* Mode is either Phrygian or Locrian, and most of the bassline revolves around vii, i, ii and iii notes
If anyone remembers any XM, IT or S3M (yeah, not sure about that either) like this please post any links you can think of (I'm sure to find some interesting tracks there he he).

Saga Musix:
Modules that vaguely fit the description (late-90s goa modules with 909 and sampled acid lines):
TR-909 vs. TB-303 (mentions Rebirth)
Eternal Jinx
Synthetic Bitch

Maybe stuff by Dreamwave will also qualify.

Wasn't the stuff I was looking for (and neither was the author) but fun modules nevertheless so thanks.

Apologies fo resurrecting an old thread, but I am quite confident that the song you are looking for is Syratrippen by Norfair.

* the mod was released in 1999
* psy-goa with acid lines
* Norfair is Swedish
* it's a FT2 mod
* drums samples are TR909
* loops made in Rebirth

Hope this is what you were looking for.


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