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Unknown Moon released on CD!

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Due to the incredible popularity of my "square wave only" modules on ModArchive I decided to release my album Unknown Moon on a physical, spin-it-on-your-pinky CD. The disc has the dark side of the moon printed on it, like the cover, its got artwork, a jewel case, shrink wrap...

Or you could just get the modules on modarchive, but seriously man, YOU CAN SPIN THE MOON ON YOUR PINKY! Released by the mostly imaginary record label Fourier Records, i.e., myself.

It's only $5 but shipping might kill you if you're in Europe or Asia.

Check my bandcamp page for more information!

And before anyone accuses me of selling out, I don't expect to make any profit on this, and if I do, it'll be to fund releases on Fourier Records (i.e., make more quality records for me and other people to enjoy for cheap)

Nice. Great, but I hope enough people would buy a physical CD. I mean, to spin the moon on your pinky finger, you can also just print out a picture of the moon, and cut a tiny part in the centre.

WELL THEN, I'll have to offer alternative incentives, if spinning the moon on your pinky isn't enough.

First of all, it does spin in a CD player, and music is produced. If you listen to the music this way, you hear the tracks exactly as I intended them to sound, in the order I intended.

Second of all, the entire package looks cool. I designed it myself, and it did turn out most nicely in my opinion. Which bring me to the third incentive...

IT HAS A CADUCEUS WITH FIRE AND ICE SERPENTS. Which is a lot of cool symbolism in a nice winged-rod and serpents package.

Also, the inspiration for the album cover came when I was a kid, and had a dream that blue and orange serpents pulled me up to the moon, and the album as a whole is intended to create a similar "dream" in the listener (maybe just to appreciate the moon?)

This all leads me to my final (EDIT: next) point, which is that selling this  CD expands my ego, which briefly feels good in the way that a shot of dope after a broken arm or winning at Street Fighter 2: Turbo, or any other ephemeral pleasures feel.

Beyond that, this CD is an immortality token, or something mundane which reminds of something that outlasts mortal flesh and blood. Humans seek out immortality tokens because they are afraid of death. This CD temporarily relieves the terror caused by knowledge of one's mortality.

Anyways, while ego is part of why I made the CD, I wanted to give
A) The few fans I have something to have
And B) Have something cool and tangible to remember Unknown Moon with

Money is a very small factor, but I went into this expecting to lose money on this, that is, not even sell 6 copies of the 10 I made, so time will tell if this is the case.

Anyways, MOON!

You just have to be ready to live with less money.

In case you won't have enough money to pay rent, try to find and get a good-paying job.

There are no jobs on the Unknown Moon!


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