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Things are going better but a few things:

- Espernet isn't trustworthy, sorry I had to do what I had to do to demonstrate that.

- This is the second time (remember, I helped build esper net so i have wuite some insight into how nefarious the "staff" are) I have had a community threatened, you need to move it to another less privatly owned network like freenode or ircnet.

- I can't keep up with chat. My hands are broken i cant even play instruments anymore. I can NOT be on IRC anymore. Period. Think about it. How much do you remember me chatting? It was a lot. On top of doing a high pressure dayjob and also coding this website over the years (i only learned to code to save this site).

- My wife and I were physically intimidated & threatened at a demoparty, and there were no repercussions. Thats why we are no longer happy there. It was frightening. There are some scary & people with low ethical & moral fibre who attend the scene parties. It used to be nice but it is no more. There is just no incentive to be part of it especially after putting ourselves out for years organsing Outline and being abused by the main organiser- yeah, no shit.

- I grew up a long time ago, way earlier than anyone else that I know. All of the actions have been for a reason. Nothing was done on a whim, I let the chips fall to find out who was behind me and who wasn't. I had had enough of the bullshit. I had had enough of putting up with terrible people. This applies to only a select few, luckily, but it has ruined somewhere i called home for 20 years plus.

- Glad to see the site is still functional, what is the plan? Have you secured new funds yet? There is a domain renewal coming up. That needs to be paid for and I transferred all the funds into the hosting. Saga I believe you took it upon youself to be financially responsible for the future as you took that from me the moment you asserted authority over me. Better start up the fund and open a paypal account for it. It helps to accumulate a little more than is needed just for hosting for eventualities/emergencies.

This was quite painful to type. I am getting more and more disabled. Thats why I am the way I am: you would be too in my predicament.

P.S while I was away I stole and trolled an airport. :D

Still got it. (everything made with thumbs on a mobile device)  to clarify, they printed my Instagram account on the front of their airport by mistake-  when I found out, I offered to give them the account, except they insisted we kept going. lol

best fan page ever ( I have to do something with my time?) :-)

Saga Musix:
The site (and domain) is secured and there are some great changes coming up - within the next year or so. Stay tuned!

cool. such as?

Saga Musix:
Basically everything. It's amazing that TMA 4.0 has been running for so long, but I think it's time for a change. Things are currently in the planning and analysis phase.

Oh my gosh! That is AWESOME! \o/

I knew you could do this, I am very happy to hear this (you may not have been expecting this but I never wanted my terrible code to be seen by anyone in the first place) Its been running a long time indeed- I am immensely relieved to hear you're taking on the big step of a rewrite. It needs it and with newer technologies now available it feels like its going to be awesome. I can finally let go and be just remain as a footnote in the legacy of this site. I lost my hands making this, can you empathise?

It makes me wonder who you will recruit to replace you when you get too old for this as well :D

How old are you now & are you working yet? I would like to apologise and try and rebuild my life- being ripped away from my favourite people in the world was harsh,  I still have your postcard. :-(

I know you can do this mate.  Please pass on my genuine regards to the family, I tried to do stuff to ensure you survive- we migrated from Dalnet, before espernet for the same reasons. Please try and set up elsewhere because a network that picks and chooses when to uphold its constitution as it did is bad news. Only time will tell, honestly.


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