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Need help finding the background music to this video


I can't find what the background music to this video(warning: controversial) is.
There's no credits in the video or the description at all.
I asked in the comments, but no one answered.
It sounds like the background music could be some MOD or XM, which is why I came here.
Here are the small parts of the video where there are no voices or sound effects so you can get an idea of what it might be:
I can't even guess who made this as it's style is used by different people.

The hard panning suggests MOD. The melancholia suggests Scandinavian. ;)

If by Scandinavian, I don't know if you mean someone named "Scandinavian" or someone from Scandinavia. I couldn't find any modules by anyone named "Scandinavian" and suggesting it's Scandinavian just because it's melancholy didn't help. Thanks for helping me, though. Now I know I'm looking for a .MOD.


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