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Just joined Mod Archive today. Unfortunately my first post must be about a tune which appears to be plagiarised:

The tune is "The Dancing Wizard" -
The artist is listed as "Mad God" -
An original version ("The Gael", originally written for the Loch Ness Exhibition Centre, then adapted for the movie, "The Last Mohican") can be found at

Have a nice day

Saga Musix:
Re-tracking existing commercial work in module formats is a common thing people do and is not what the "hall of shame" is about. What we want to highlight are people who simply take someone else's module, do no or minor modifications and then claim it as their own.
That is not what happened here. From what I can tell, the module is mostly the author's own work, copying one melody from the song you mentioned. If this was indeed a copy then it's unfortunate that no credits were given, but it doesn't qualify as an entry for the hall of shame.

Understood, thanks.
As I say, I'm sorry that my first post is negative, as I've been lurking, downloading and playing files from this site and others since the early 1990s, and there are some absolute belters out there, which I intend to finally get around to praising with the credit they definitely deserve!
When I'm brave enough, I may also finally upload some of the stuff I did back in the 1990s with ScreamTracker, but was never brave enough to share.
As I have a tenuous relationship to the original version of The Gael, by Dougie Maclean (I was a member of the Loch Ness Project during the 1980s & 90s, and was involved in setting up the exhibition for which the music was originally commissioned) I recognised this instantly. I've never come across any other commercial work being used without it being explicitly stated as such. However, I accept what you say about this being acceptable (assuming no commercial benefit comes from this).
Thanks for your reply.

Saga Musix:

--- Quote ---I've never come across any other commercial work being used without it being explicitly stated as such.
--- End quote ---
Oh, I am aware of several 80s/90s remixes that are blatantly obvious but the original song is not mentioned. Probably because the author assumed that everyone knows them anyway, or because the author hoped for the exact opposite - we don't know. I just cannot remember their names right now. :)


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