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Looking for mod with vocal "Who Does She Trust"


Hi all,

I'm looking for a module which starts with a vocal "who does she trust" in an electro style way.  Starts very slow and melodic with synths fading in and out at different notes and then builds up to an electro beat that speeds up and slows down as it goes through and in parts has a sound effect that sounds like a radio tuning.  I have a clip of it on a cassette tape which I can sample in to soundcloud or something and link if my description sucks. But it was a really good mod and I'm thinking it was popular but i cant find it anywhere.


Saga Musix:
Welcome! It would definitely be helpful to post the sample, simply because people might not have understood the vocal sample when they were listening to the same song, or remember the track in different ways, etc...

Heya yup youre right, here we go!!

The track was originally used as a backing for a chart countdown for a cassete based podcast in the 90s! So please ignore the annoying numbers being called over the top. Thats where i found it and was like. OMG whats the mod!?

A big thanks to some poeple on an amiga facebook page who identified it

Its taketrip.mod from u4ia  and its here:

Damn I got so close to finding it, was going through u4ia mods as i remember liking them but missed it!!

apparantly the vocal is also "Induce Trance"  but yeah I cant unhear "who does she trust" from childhood!

Saga Musix:
Glad you could locate it. :)


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