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Investigation of Song Composition Origin


For the hell of me, I can't figure out if there is a classical origin to this .midi file. It's frustrating. Maybe, somebody can figure it out? (no more midi, okay, I get it, plus the host had midi on autoplay for some reason, sheesh).

Saga Musix:
First off, the song is available in more accessible formats here:
(this .midi file is not a Standard MIDI File but something that the DOOM engine can process).

Judging from the download link, the music is from this Doom mod, and the readme files mentions several authors who did music for this mod, so it is unlikely that it is a "classical" piece.

God dog it! So it isn't a classic masterpiece? Maybe folk masterpiece? Well, oh well. I swear I hear the similar iterations in some old films before. What the hell I know?

Saga Musix:
Of course it can be heavily inspired by something else. But just because something sounds classical or folk, it absolutely doesn't need to be - there are many patterns in music that are repeated throughout hundreds of songs and make them sound similar.

i have go to thisd website but doesn't really understadn what it is for can you explain me more about this website


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