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Author Topic: Strangeness, no, just terrible. My first mod.  (Read 2428 times)

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Strangeness, no, just terrible. My first mod.
« on: January 23, 2018, 18:49:47 »

I made this in 1993 (still datestamped 4/30/1993). The purpose was only to advertise the board. I was a teenager interested in the tracker and just ripped most of the samples, discovering quickly different sources were in different keys.. but, the clash seemed to work for me in the autistic depressive mood I spent most of my time in, so I didn't try to correct it. Only two samples are mine, the piano (stock from my Yamaha DX100) and the clean guitar was a custom wave generated on the Yamaha to match my Guild S400D electric guitar, and it was damned near identical. Unfortunately I couldn't record more than a second at 8-bit without "puc-puc-puc-puc" noise... I was really disappointed because that guitar sound, now lost to time, was several hours tweaking all 4 ops to get the harmonic twang just right across to eventual fade, I would need a good 5 seconds to get the full loop, but alas... that's why those samples are so short anyway.  It was written across 3 days of manual tracking, and it's pretty obvious which section was which day.

I uploaded it to area boards the next day but it never spread out of southern New Hampshire (gee, I wonder why). I'm including it here for nothing more than historical reference. My board disappeared off the official BBS list after it was crashed in early 1996, so it didn't make the final list and the textfiles(dot)com guys have yet to acknowledge my existence. Due to a Comcast account configuration error, my old EarthLink page just got frozen locked out and presumed marked for removal, this is pretty much what I have left to offer the world of my school age days.

So, here it is. My absolutely terrible compilation that has no genre and only works if you're in one of those moods.. titled, "Strangeness."
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