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Author Topic: to XI Instruments Experiment Thread>>>  (Read 3305 times)

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« on: November 12, 2021, 18:11:08 »

OK then...

Coming across these 2 pages from the wayback-


I decided to convert the SF2s from these 2 pages only into XI Instruments...As you can SEE at the bottom of these pages the copyright info...No FRIGGIN' restriction whether personal, commercial, marine, aircraft, whatever...

And if you are ever challenged (not on these but OTHERS) the first thing you ask is "Then please show me your approved copyright filing or your filing of (it takes awhile)"...To NOT PROVIDE THIS is illegal...

ONWARD...OK these also tested in SkaleTracker 0.81 for 'purity'...No crashing, out of tune, run-ons, etc...This eliminated quite a few...

Many had instrument names DIFFERENT from the soundfont name so they were renamed to indicate the soundfont they came from...So you know WHAT came from WHERE...

So there you have it...I may do more pages later on...



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