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Author Topic: Blockchain NFT Tokenization Project. Looking for Volunteers.  (Read 544 times)

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Hi there! I'm an amateur geek recently digging into blockchain projects; I guess at this point most of you have heard the "NFT" terminology (Non-Fungible Tokens, or Tokenization of media files into the blockchain).

I'm currently developing an small online gallery for testing purposes (Nothing done here will be permanent), to preview NFTs in the Bitshares Blockchain; and, want to see what level of interest is raised in the general public after seeing that light-weight catchy music can be hosted effectively in the blockchain; this could mean (being very optimistic) a resurgence of the mod scene in the future, with even monetization incentives for the artist.

So, going straight to the point, I'm looking for volunteers which would like to tokenize his songs in the Bitshares Testnet (This is, a blockchain for testing! things won't live there forever), anything .mod, .xm, .it should fit just fine, as long as it is not bigger than 100KB, preferably files in the range < 40KB, just to stick with the current guidelines being discussed by the bitshares dev team.

Just to be clear, here I'll leave some bullet points:
  • You still retain 100% ownership of your files/works, and the tokens in the testnet can be modified/deleted at any time.
  • These tokens has NO VALUE as they are proof of concepts only, noone is getting/putting money from these.
  • Your Attestation and/or legal terms will be effectively included in the token description for anyone to read. They will know you are the original artist and your name/Alias will be displayed there.
  • You may include a narrative about the file, some artistic stuff here and there, some jokes, you are free to fill that canvas ;)

So, any questions I'll be glad to answer them.
Disclaimer: I'm not officially part of bitshares core team, I'm just getting along to learn stuff, and this is one of my personal projects. The gallery is atm under construction so I don't have live links available yet ;)

Thanks for your time!
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