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Author Topic: The module was rejected because it was not of sufficient quality  (Read 5326 times)

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sorry, I am relatively new. I had some experience with that on Amiga and PC before the year 2000 and now since Corona I tried to make some modules with MilkyTracker.

Although I personally like these selfmade songs, I just got the message "The module was rejected because it was not of sufficient quality".

So I would get some advice what is wrong with them and what could I do better next time?

Much regards
Krissie from Germany

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With both tunes that you uploaded so far, we have found a couple of issues and decided against adding them to the archive. These issues include: Random, arhythmic melodies, very repetitive content, and low-quality vocal samples. All in all, the results weren't very listenable. While some of these elements may be used for effect by advanced musicians, it is typically easy to identify when it wasn't intentional but rather a beginner mistake. In this case, they sound like very early attempts at writing module music, and since uploads to ModArchive are permanent, we try to keep modules that sound like very early tries at making music out of the archive - artists typically don't like them anymore once they have gathered a bit more experience. We encourage you to not give up, though. I suggest you collect feedback from friends or from people here on the forum (in the "Look what I made") section to better understand what people like about your tracks and what you can do better. You can change attachments uploaded to the forum anytime so that's a nice way to upload Work In Progress material that you might update or delete later.
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