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Author Topic: CHEF-KOCH  (Read 1020 times)

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« on: October 05, 2021, 19:02:21 »

Slightly different from the usual reports, this is a SoundCloud profile taking credits for various tracked music:

Among them is one of my own tracks, so I have reported the profile to SoundCloud and it may get taken down.

This guy seems to be known for plagiarizing other people's stuff:
On his Vimeo page he also claims ownership of several demos that were clearly made by different people.

Hilariously, one of "his" tracks is a rip of a module that itself has been identified as a rip.

Edit: Three tracks that I have reported including my own seem now gone but they didn't remove the entire profile yet as it seems.

Here are a few more identified rips:
"SHOW US YOUR piano @ TRSAC" - mpxvm - Piano In Flames
"I'm looking for Zenn-La" = Aymes - The Use Of Power
">Skell<" - BST - Aryx 2.5
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