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I released the source code to handle MO3 files here :

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Yes, MO3 format supports lossless compression for samples, and maybe it is interesting for


Thanks Lau, hopefully they'll implement the mo3 mod filter once they upgrade the archive, since now they've got what they need in order to
finalize the module import algorithms.

I find it an interesting development that a hacker would answer
the petition me and Rikimbo started so long ago :D
Regardless, I'm happy that Ian didn't try to interfere with you,
and instead chose to work with you.

So once again, I scream from the top of my lungs:


Nice, but too bad the link's a 404.

Edited the link in the post, had a . after the link which is bad.

Ok, thanks for the info. I'm not yet able to promise anything as the engine that does the decoding of mods is binary and I don't have the source code myself - that will be looked into when I get further into the development of the new backend system. I can probably give a good indication that the new site will support MO3, if all goes well.



I've found someone who is going to take a look at updating our custom written (and old) instrument parser, so once mo3 support is added to that,  adding mo3 support to the rest of the (new) site will be very simple indeed. Good news eh? :)


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