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Author Topic: Tip: Active Desktop and the PDA version of Recent Additions  (Read 3028 times)

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If use or are stuck in an office where you're forced to use Win2K or something, then this maybe of use to you:

I've got this link for my active desktop. I've never used it before, so this was quite a cool discovery for me.

On your desktop, right click and open the "Active Desktop" item from the popup menu.

Select "Customize my Desktop"

Make sure "Web" is the seleted tab on the window that opens, and then chose "New..."

In the window that pops up next, paste the above URL into it and then click OK.

You'll be prompted a couple of times, just click OK. If you're behind a password protected proxy server then enter that into the area that has something to do with "this site requires a logon".

Once you've done that, have a bode about in the settings and set up a schedule to grab the page once a day, when the item appears on your desktop, resize it to how you like etc...

Now you can see the recent additions from your desktop and can even perform direct searches from it too.

:) Don't complain to me if you can't get it working though... it can be a bit fussy!
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Tip: Active Desktop and the PDA version of Recent Additions
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2007, 09:52:05 »

I've a feeling you can also do something similar in KDE (at least in the kubuntu distro)
If I can get my boot sector problems sorted I'll have a play on my home box and report back  :D
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