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Author Topic: duplicate modules  (Read 67256 times)

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Re: duplicate modules
« Reply #180 on: May 09, 2022, 16:54:21 »

Helmet Shake, by Jogeir Liljedahl:

helmet_shake.mod is attributed to the correct registered artist (jogeir-liljedahl), and the internal texts contain the oldest copyright notice.

helmet-shake.mod and helmshke.mod are the same size, and their internal texts contain an identical rip notice.  The rip notice attributes the track to "Jogeir/Spaceballs".

The ripped text matches what I recall when I encountered the track some time between 1996–1998.   I believe it was used as the pack-in "demo" .mod for one of the DOS/Windows trackers, but  I don't recall which one (would have guessed ModPlug Tracker, but seems a little early).
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