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Author Topic: [Trance]Callisto - Ganymed (.mp3)  (Read 4709 times)

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[Trance]Callisto - Ganymed (.mp3)
« on: October 25, 2007, 02:35:19 »

Hi,i need reviews and comments on my song

It's Called "Ganymed"

Download it here:

Thank you



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Re: [Trance]Callisto - Ganymed (.mp3)
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2007, 06:47:11 »

This reviews area is really for modules on the site, isn't it available on Mod Archive as a module? :) If not, it doesn't matter...


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Re: [Trance]Callisto - Ganymed (.mp3)
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2007, 22:05:48 »

I'm listening now.  Honestly, I'm not a big trance fan, but I've frankly been pretty impressed by the radio-quality sound people seem to get making these tracks.  Yours is very good and wouldn't be out of place on say XM radio's "The System."  I like the flutey pad part -- it makes for a nice contrast.

Also, to be fair about modules versus mp3s, modplug, renoise, psycle, etc., all support Vst effects and instruments and I think you can be a tracker without sticking to the old formats.  (Of course, what's nice about the old formats is that everyone gets to see and share.)  In addition, if you're using commercial samples where one stereo pad could be a megabyte, the mp3 will likely be smaller than the module.  (That's why the stuff at my signature link isn't on modarchive.)

There's room for both methods, of course, and there is definitely a feeling of satisfaction to creating a small file size module that sounds good with your own samples, where everyone can see what you've done.


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Re: [Trance]Callisto - Ganymed (.mp3)
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2007, 16:44:29 »

This is without doubt very enjoyable atmospheric techno (or dance, or trance? I am no good with classifications of electronic music genres...) music. It has great balance in the frequency spectrum and provides with lots of ear candy. It is very well varied while still remaining minimalistic. I really like the pads and that quiet passage around 3:00, very well progressed.

This could very well make it to the radio stations, if it was shorter. But that is only due to media-market preference.
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