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Author Topic: will milky run on gp2x f200?  (Read 23875 times)

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Re: will milky run on gp2x f200?
« Reply #30 on: August 06, 2008, 14:23:35 »

ok. How to I build Milkytracker myself? :P I'll have an ask around some GP2X forums.

If you have never built anything for the GP2X yourself I'm sorry I can't help you, because neither did I. You need to set up a cross compilation environment on linux and work from there. I think there are a lot of tutorials out there which will help you getting started.
Quote from: tehlastninja
Is there a release of the Milkytracker GP2X Source Code somewhere, the version Deltafire built?

There is no GP2X MilkyTracker source code. Everything is in the regular source code tree, if you build MilkyTracker with the SDL frontend and the __LOWRES__ switch it will compile a version of MilkyTracker running in 320x240. That's it.

Quote from: tehlastninja
I left a message with Deltafire asking him if it was possible to build a version with the new SDL. No response yet.

Must be busy then, usually he's rather helpful.
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