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News of 1997

* September 13,1997

Cheaper pricing for advertising! $10 for 10000 impressions. See our advertising page for details.

* June 20, 1997:

Use the Mod Archive and ModPlug to add great music to your web page! Click Here for more info.

* June 17, 1997:

The safeport.com server underwent an operating system upgrade, and our scripts required some modification to work in the new setup. Everything appears to be working now, but let us know if there any further problems. -rw

* June 10, 1997:

After 2 months with no updates to the Mod Archive I finally got off my ass and added some artists to the list. The artists added were Alpha, Daniel Lundgren, Dionysos Industries, Frostbite, HMW, Intelligence, OnXpected, Reptile, SmiL, The greatFox, trackZ, Workbench and xtd. It actually took me over 4 hours to add all of these artists because of the slowness of my ISP, so I am tired of working on the Mod Archive for today. Tomorrow I hope to add a whole bunch of judges and mess around with modplug a bit. -mg

* April 11, 1997:
After speaking with our legal counsel, we found out that accepting donations would be a lot more trouble than it's worth: we'd have to register with the government, file taxes, etc.... All of which would probably end up costing more than a new hard drive :/ Anyways, thanks to everyone who responded! Not to worry, though. As soon as advertising money starts coming in, we should be able to fund it.

* April 8, 1997:
The Mod Archive is running low on disk space! In order to insure that the Mod Archive can continue to grow for years to come, we are in need of another SCSI hard drive of at least 1 gig in size. So if anyone has one that they don't need anymore... Also, any monetary donations will go directly into our new hard drive fund.

At our current growth rate, we will begin to run into serious disk space problems in a few months. If we can't get another hard drive in time, we may be forced to burn most of the songs onto CD and use a large cache to keep the most commonly downloaded songs on the hard drive. This would result in a major performance loss due to the seek and transfer rate of the 1x SCSI CDROM drive in the server.

Also, today we added a random song feature and added a seperate mime type for .it.zip files. The new mime type is audio/x-zipped-it and was added so that Impulse Tracker files can be sent to a different player than other song types. This is useful because most mod players cannot play .it files.

* April 4, 1997:

The Mod Archive Reviewing system is now online! If you are a registered judge you can get to the judging page with this link. If all goes well things should start moving out of the new directory pretty soon. The response to our request for help was phenomenal! We have almost 100 registered judges!

* March 15, 1997:

Now accepting applications for Mod Archive reviewers!

The Mod Archive has grown to the point where we cannot keep up with the immense amount of uploads and we need your help. We have also recieved an increasing volume of email questioning the objectivity of our mod screening process and hope to resolve this by opening the process up to our users.

In order to keep the process fair anyone who wants to help us select which mods go into the archive needs to apply and will then be issued a username, password and the URL to the reviewing system. To apply just send email to mods@modarchive.com with "Judge" as the subject line. Please include your name, email address and a prefered username. The screening system is not online yet, but as soon it is everyone who has sent us mail will be notified. Hopefully it will be up in the next few days...
Also, if you are screening mods, try not to vote for your own songs :)

* February 8, 1997:

Over the past few days we have made a few changes:
The search engine is now much more powerful and incorporates all of the features you have been asking for. It now allows you to search by date added to the archive and by artist. It also allows you to specify a maximum number of hits to return (so you don't search for all mods added in the last year and crash your browser :)
We removed the unzipped links for WebTV users. They looked ugly and we no longer have unzipped versions of all the mods so some of the links were broken. WebTV users should bug the WebTV people to add support for zipped mods.
We filtered through over half of the huge new directory!
Set up the ftp incoming/mods directory so that ftp uploads are now automatically moved into the new directory every hour.

* January 26, 1997:

Open apology to Mod Archive Users:

We apologize for the size of the Mod Archive incoming directory. We have received many complaints and we appreciate those who took the time to write us. With the move to the new domain and servers, it was necessary to convert MANY if not all of our scripts that help us filter mods. As of today, we have not had a chance to complete the rewrites of these scripts. For now, we have offloaded the mods in the new directory to my personal machine and I will be working my way through the list by hand, until our scripting specialist completes his current project and returns to working on the Mod Archive. Thank you very much for your comments and support, and again, we apologize for this situation.

Pat Nelson
Mod Archive Administrator

* January 2, 1997:

I have just been informed that WebTV comes with an automatic link to the Mod Archive! Unfortunately, WebTV boxes can play mods, but they can't play zipped mods. As a temporary workaround for this problem, I have added links to the old uncompressed songs from the word unzipped next to each mod in the listing. So WebTV users should be sure to click on unzipped instead of the file name. Hopefully we can find some way to play zipped mods on a WebTV box and get rid of those links.

* January 1, 1997:

A new year, a new Mod Archive! You asked for changes and we listened. The biggest changes are:

  • All mods are now zipped!
  • The interface is now much cleaner (If you have Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape 3.0).
  • The Mod Archive now runs across multiple servers! www.modarchive.com now stores all html files, logs and data files. This server is a Dell Pentium 166 with a SCSI RAID disk array running BSDI and is on its own T1 line! www.watson.org (the old server) stores all of the zipped mods and handles uploads. This server is a Gateway P133 with many, many disk drives and 96 megs of Ram. It runs FreeBSD and is on a T3 line that it shares with thousands of other computers. www.modarchive.com is instantly updated whenever an upload is made to www.watson.org.
  • The search engine now allows you to choose which file types you want to search for.
  • The upload processor now handles uploads in many different forms.
  • There is now a Java application interface to the archive.
  • Browse the archive without using the Web! Check it out!
  • We are now accepting advertisements, and charge very low rates!

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