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News of 2000

* November 25, 2000:
A new top10 list is up.


* November 13, 2000: Altered Perception is closing, and we will be hosting their files. These files are not online here yet, and we'll be posting another news post when they start coming online. Also, any artists from Altered Perception that do not wish to be added to our artist system should contact us as soon as possible.

My regards to Hecktarzuli, he's done a great job, and it's sad to see his site go down.


* October 12, 2000: A small update on the software page.

I got my hands on the new FT3 beta today. It looks pretty promising. But still it misses lot of features from FT2 and it has lot of bugs of course. In a couple of months we might have a decent challenger for the good old FT2 :) Note: don't ask for the beta version. I wont send it since the beta isnt officially released. It isnt track-able yet.

* October 9, 2000: The Modarchive reviewer staff is doing a great job right now. We are very close to a new record month in reviewing. Check out the new reviews here. It is fun to review and good to get reviews on your music. So do not hesitate. Sign up as a reviewer now by sending us a mail.

* September 27, 2000: The newest modarchive top 10 chart was for the second time infected by a slimy, dirty ripper. The ripper, who called himself Edwin v Dijk will be listed on our rippers list. He made a 100% rip out of Tbo's After Midnight which ofcourse has replaced the ripped song.

Read our latest news and do not miss the updated Modarchive Wave World

* September 24, 2000: A new edition of the top 10 list is up.

The Modarchive Wave World is updated with a help page. Whenever you need a sample for your music, the first place to look for it is our huge and free sample collection "Wave World"

We are still in need of more people like coders, newdir reviewers and ofcourse usual reviewers. For more questions about this, mail Stary (coders). Or Ghidorah (reviewers)

* August 25, 2000: A new edition of the top 10 list is up.

We are also in need of more people like coders, newdir reviewers and ofcourse usual reviewers. More information about this will be up soon. For more questions about this, mail Stary (coders). Or Ghidorah (reviewers)

* July 20, 2000: The Artist System is back online. You can go here to login and here is the listing.
I suggest everyone login and check their artist pages out, since the design is a bit different now. Email any bug reports to me.

Also, watch this space, there'll be more news in the next few days.

* May 27, 2000: The message board system has been updated. Hopefully, it shouldn't be as much a problem anymore. Hey, I can write commas!
Also, there's a new Top 10 up. You can find it on the Top 10 page (what a surprise, huh?)
And for those of you who missed the news from yesterday about Impulse Tracker 3, you can find it on the News page.

* May 26, 2000: Some news have popped up regarding IT3... seems promising!
DSPaudio is doing some hard work on designing the next Impulse Tracker. It's not out yet, but they're expecting a release within 6 months! What's making it take a little longer is the fact that they're making it cross-platform (windows/linux/mac), which is great for trackers that don't use windows.
Even more exciting, Pulse, Mr. Jeffrey Lim has been hired to work full time with the project. A big thanks and welcome back to him!

* April 14, 2000: Sorry about the lack of activity here lately. We've been pursuing two big issues: the speed of the Mod Archive server and something I'm sure lots of you have wondered... Why are those **** "few days" taking so long? Well, when I finished converting the artist pages to the new design a few days after the big switch, I found out something had happened to the server and the scripts didn't run anymore. We've finally been able to contact the person who can help us with it, and hopefully we should be able to fix it soon. We're truly sorry for this.

* March 19, 2000: Ghidorah just finished up the 20th edition of the Top 10! This time we find songs from Awesome, Azo and Beathawk among the songs on the list. Check it out here!

* March 15, 2000: If you didn't notice already, The Mod Archive has a new logo! The winner, entry 7, won by 52 votes followed by entry 13 with 49. More results will appear soon, watch this space. In the meantime, the rest of the entries can still be viewed here.

* March 10, 2000: The logo competiton will be over on March 15! The logos are still up for voting here so vote for The Mod Archive's new logo before then if you haven't already!
The Mod Archive is now #1 on The Top 25 Tracker Sites... thanks for all the votes!

* March 1, 2000: There's a new quick index added to the Wave World (sample) section of The Mod Archive, making it simpler to download the samples if you know what you want! Also, yesterday a breakthrough was made in fixing the archive's recent slow response times... stay tuned and it should hopefully be fixed soon. The logos are still up for voting here. Vote for your favourite logo if you haven't already!

* February 28, 2000: The logo competition entries are now up for voting! Take a look at the logos and vote for your favourite one to become the new Mod Archive Logo!

* February 24, 2000: Saw Tooth Distortion is making a game and looking for music for it! They accept XM, IT, S3M and MOD and will give out afree copy of their game and credit to any submissions they use. Check out this page for more info.

* February 20, 2000: As I'm sure you've noted by now, here it is, the update. Hope you like the way all the effort turned out, and big thanks to everyone that's helped. The logo competition ended with 51 logos, most of high quality, and 17 of those made it to the second round. Logos will be up for public voting in a day or so. Also, artist system will be back up in a day or two.

* February 8, 2000: Modarchive top10 number 19 is up. For those who have signed up as a reviewer but havent got an answer. Please have patience, my mail isnt working properly. I am looking for another mail adress.

* January 9, 2000: Finally, a new edition of top10 is up, and you dont have to wait long until the next list is up, you trackers are submitting very good trax now. The message board has been cleared. The old messages can be found here.
New reviews section is updated. From now on, it will be updated either once a week or month, depending on how many reviews we get.
Our reviewers and especially our new reviewers that signs up (40 new last month) havent been working hard. We need all reviews we can get, so please try to do atleast one review a week.
MA wishes you all a great millenium (bet you heard that before). /Ghidorah

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