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Current Mod Archive Torrents

Mod Archive Files

Due to the fact the torrent creation was initially done as an emergency stop-gap measure to alleviate intensive download hammering of our server(s), the initial structure of the torrent is different to the update torrents that followed afterwards.

modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_120000_modules has all files of the archive as of January 1st-(ish) 2007.

Splitting the sheer mass of files into several larger archives was necessary. Therefore each module was placed into a zip file according to the first 2 letters of the file name. This had to be done this way for performance.

modarchive_2007_official_snapshot_addendum1 has all of the files added since January 1st 2007 up until around April 2007. We released this one because an error was spotted in that some files were missing that should have been in the first torrent. This was caused by a scripting error. This torrent was release in the same format as the first snapshot.

modarchive_2008_additions isn't entirely true to its name. It encompasses all files added since the last addendum was published, so it's actually all of the latter part of 2007 and 2008 combined. This torrent is in a "new" format, splitting the number of modules by format then by letter - simply because the number of files is more manageable.

modarchive_2009_additions and upwards follow the same principle as the 2008 additions.

Other files


The WaveWorld sample collection used to be part of The Mod Archive many years ago, but it's was closed and dumped into a Torrent to enable the samples contained within to continue to be distributed. The files within are in exactly the same structure and format as they were on the server.

The WaveWorld torrent contains 1.3GB of royalty free WAV and MP3 format samples.


This contains even more free samples from the old KIArchive which is sadly no longer around.


Chiptune samples sponsored by community member woolyss


Article by m0d, January 2009