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An Interview with DreaMSectioN


Well, we're introducing a new section to The Modarchive, this section will have artist interviews and software reviews. To kick things off I've interviewed the winner of the recent Modarchive Synthpop compo - DreaMSectioN!

The Interview

Libris: Ok, to start things off - how old are you?

DreaMSectioN: I'm 19 in about 17 days so… let's say I'm 19 :)

Libris: And where abouts do you live? (ie: Country/city)

DreaMSectioN: I live in the small country up north…Sweden…And The City I live in, is Lidköping.

Libris: Do you enjoy living there? Would you ever move? If so, what country/city would you most like to travel to?

DreaMSectioN: I like it here yes… Summer is the best time of the year of course. :) The country I would love to go to? Hmm… Well the USA would be nice, since I have work there. *hehe* :) Move to? Hmm, I'd say USA too…

Libris: You have work in the USA?

DreaMSectioN: Yes. I work as a musician for a game-company in Texas. Small, yet a big step for me… We are developing a new Shooter that's gonna kick ass… Can't say anything else ;) *Hehe*

Libris: Wow, cool! Sounds very promising, best of luck with that!

DreaMSectioN: Thanks! ;)

Libris: Now tell me, when did you first discover the tracked music scene?

DreaMSectioN: Well I discovered the tracker named Ft2 (FastTracker 2) about 7.5 years ago in our school… I started to fiddle with it and I fell in love! :D

Libris: I can certainly understand that. =) I fell in love with Ft2 as well. ;) You're a fairly well-known tracker, but have you ever been involved/interested in the Demoscene?

DreaMSectioN: I am? Cool! *hehe* :) Didn't even know that myself *hehe* The DemoScene is a bit fuzzy to me… Don't really know what it is…

Libris: Oh lots of people like your stuff =) It's understandable about the demoscene, as the demo and tracking scenes have, and continue to grow apart. Do you have any other hobbies apart from tracking?

DreaMSectioN: Aaah :) Other hobbies besides tracking? *thinking* Well yeah… In the summer I go out in my boat very often to just get away from everything, and just enjoy the feeling of being out on the open water… There is no better place to get inspiration… Most of my songs have been made right after a trip out on the lake… Just a small detail ;)

Libris: Cool =) Do you have any musical background? ie: Play an instrument? Can read music etc…

DreaMSectioN: Well I have played the Piano for almost 13 years now… Guess that counts huh? :D

Libris: Sure does =) Do you think that people who can play a musical instrument/read music etc - end up with an advantage when it comes to tracking?

DreaMSectioN: Hmm yes… I think so. This is hard to answer :)
There are many ways that trackers could improve themselves…

Libris: Which musical genres do you enjoy composing the most?

DreaMSectioN: Ambient and Orchestral… :)

Libris: Ahh =) But you've certainly proven that you can track other genres as well, being the winner of the recent Synthpop Compo =). What is your personal favourite tune out of the ones you have composed? And why is it your favourite?

DreaMSectioN: Hmmm… Now this is Hard! ;) *hehe* Hmmm…
DreaMSectioN: I think it's Like the Wind.
DreaMSectioN: Just because it's so alive.
DreaMSectioN: Can't come up with anything else :D

Libris: Fair enough =) Do you have any idols/favourite artists in the tracking scene?

DreaMSectioN: Yes. :) Elwood and NightHawk are some really awesome artists!

Libris: Indeed they are =) Are there any musical genres that you just don't like?

DreaMSectioN: Hmmm.. I don't like Punk, Thunderdome, Jazz… Apart from that everything else is fine :)

Libris: Even country? ;P

DreaMSectioN: *hehe* That one I forgot :D *hehe*

Libris: :D Approximately how many hours a week do you devote to tracking?

DreaMSectioN: Hmm… Since I got this work in Texas I've been tracking for about 3 - 7 hours a day… So in one week? well… let's say about 30 hours.

Libris: Quite a job =) That's great. Can you explain to me your normal routine when tracking? ie: what elements of a track you start with, how long it takes to complete a track etc…

DreaMSectioN: Well… I start with trying to find a melody… Then I continue with a bass line and after that I just build it all up on that… The normal time I spend on one track is about 2 - 10 hours. I might add, that a song that Rated 9.5 on TMA called System Overload was made in about 1 hour and 40 minutes ;) (small details) *hehe*

Libris: hehe =) impressive - do you ever go in for post production with programs like Cooledit? or do you only release modules?

DreaMSectioN: I only release modules… As it is now! :) I'm working on a awesome track that will be in Mp3 - My first release in that format… *hehe* :) Something to look forward to. I've used Ft2 and CoolEdit Pro plus some other sampler progs.

Libris: Sweet! Is your music hosted anywhere else other than Modarchive.com? Do you have a personal homepage?

DreaMSectioN: Personal homepage is on the way, and yes you can also find my music on TIS (Traxinspace.com)

Libris: Have you ever used one of the fourth generation trackers such as Buzztracker or Psycle?/If so, what was your opinion on it/them…

DreaMSectioN: I have never used anything other than Ft2 ;)

Libris: =) are you in any music crews?

DreaMSectioN: I was a member of Lemonride but because of lack of interest from the other members in LR I decided to quit… Now I'm on my own. :)

Libris: Whats your opinion on tracking under the influence of alcohol or drugs? ;P (you'd be surprised how many people seem to do it)

DreaMSectioN: *hehe* Well if that helps ppl then… :) But those who use drugs… What the hell are you thinking!? Alcohol is fine though ;)

Libris: Do you have any favourite commercial artists? What about non-favourites?

DreaMSectioN: Hmm. Well I think I have to say that Enya is my favourite at the moment.

Libris: Mm Enya is nice. And are there any artists that just really annoy you?

DreaMSectioN: Aha.. *Hehe* well that I think has to be almost all the Rap artists… That's one genre you can add to the genres I don't like ;) *hehe*

Libris: hehe :D Ok, now your artist-name - where does it come from? Why did you choose it? Have you ever had any other handles?

DreaMSectioN: *hehe* well at first I called myself Jeriko… Why? Don't ask ;) *hehe* then I tried again with Fatal Fantasy (which sucked btw). *hehe* :) Then after some time, a friend of mine said that a song I was working on should be named "Dream section", and I thought: hmm I can use that for something else! Hey It sounds good as a artist-name. So it's thanks to a very good friend of mine I have the artist-name I have today… :) The DreaMSectioN anthem is on the way too.

Libris: cool ;) And why the mixture of capital and lower case letters? any reason? or just for fun?

DreaMSectioN: Mostly for the cool look *hehe* DreaMSectioN looks better then Dreamsection… Dreamsection looks so ordinary :)

Libris: =) Well thats about it, I think - I've run out of questions! Is there anything you think I've missed that you want the world to know about? =)

DreaMSectioN: Well… To all my fans: I would like to say that I would love to hear more opinions of my songs :)

Libris: You heard him fans! E-mail DreaMSectioN here! [email removed] And also don't forget to check out his music [see profile link at top of article]

Thanks go to DreaMSectioN for his time =) And that's it folks!

Article by Libris, April 2002