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Late-Night Compo / SM (saga_musix_-_late-night_compo.it)

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  • saga_musix_-_late-night_compo.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 868.70KB in size and has been downloaded 2750 times since Wed 20th Aug 2008 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 162617
  • Downloads: 2750
  • Favourited: 5 times
  • MD5: c9025b12427865c23e971194b4184160
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 27
  • Uncompressed Size: 868.70KB
  • Genre: Chiptune

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  • Member Rating: rating (9 / 10)
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comments Artist's Comments

artist Quite a weird mix of chiptune, eurodance and "Eye Of The Tiger" ;) ranked 3rd in an OHC and 6th in the Buenzli 16 streamed music compo.
Doesn't need OpenMPT or VST-Plugins, but both are recommended :)
BTW: Pattern 31 is EPIC! ^_^ - Saga Musix

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member Posted by A-zTech on Sun 14th Dec 2008, rated 10 / 10.

i LOVE these old-styled techno sounds! Saga rules!

member Posted by Sedds on Sat 13th Dec 2008, rated 9 / 10.

Now, this is what I think of when I hear the word 'techno'. I know that's a bit too general a term, but this song fulfills the definition of the genre in many ways.

member Posted by Pip Malt on Thu 21st Aug 2008, rated 8 / 10.

This is actually quite cool! The ambiance in the background along with the leads is surprisingly enjoyable. The leads may grate a little, but overall, it's pretty cool! Nice work!

P.S. I can hear some "Celestial Fantasia" by BeaT in this one! :)

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Info Internal Texts *

   /                                                              /
  /    * SAGA MUSIX - LATE-NIGHT COMPO (4:22) *                  /

I'm back! ^_^
This tune ranked 6th in the streamed  music compo at Buenzli 17.  It is
a weird mixture of chiptune, eurodance and  "Eye of the Tiger" and  was
originally made for an OHC in which it  ranked 3rd. I  first wanted  to
release  this at Evoke,  but I couldn't make  my way there, so I waited
one week  to release  it as a remote entry  at Buenzli.  Because of the
high  lead sound, You're advised to set your player's mixing quality to
at least 96khz. This  will remedy quite a few  resampling flaws (if you
recognize them, that is).
This time, very special greetings go to Midget (!!!) and shroomi. Thank
you both for your support - Especially Midget.  Even if you still don't
like  the  EOTT part,  big hugs  to  you, Runa.  Thank you  so much for
cheering me up ;)

Once again, I didn't use many VSTs. I only applied 3  VSTs on the whole
track  this time  to master  the whole thing.  So it won't sound bad in
XMplay  either (but you  will miss some  high freqs).   This means  you
should  use OpenMPT (www.modplug.com) and  download  the 3 VST  plugins
from my website (see below). You can also get the MP3 version  there if
you can't use Modplug.
_/__/     _/__
/  / ave  /   un!

  .:                                       :::::::..
 .:   Contact information and other stuff   .::::::::::::.

- This module and its pattern data is (c) 2008 by Saga Musix.
- Feel free to write any comments to saga-games_arcor.de!
- You can also visit my web sites:
  -> http://saga-musix.ath.cx - download free music! (german and english)
  -> http://saga-games.ath.cx - here you can find free programmes and
     cool freeware games, written by me! (german only)

- Original compo date: 2008-07-05
  Rank: 3nd out of 7
- First release at Buenzli Demoparty (accelerated version): 2008-08-16
  Rank: 6th out of 13
- Project finished: 2008-08-17

- Please play this module in OpenMPT with the plugins installed.
  You may also download the mp3 version, this one won't cause that much
  trouble. Get the plugins at http://saga-musix.ath.cx/?page=plugins
  Any decent IT player like XMPlay (NOT Winamp!) will sound okay, too.
  You're advised to set your player's mixing rate to at least 96khz
  to remedy resampling flaws.

Greetz fly out to:
Midget, shroomi, m0d (meow!), Maali, ko0x, elfan, Wansti, EdgarTheFace,
Toa-Nuva, Sahkolihaa, reed, Soda, the guys from #modarchive,
#mod_shrine and #bitfellas, everyone who likes my music and games
and of course YOU!

(------------- sample credits -------------)

The sources are marked  in the filenames of the  samples. Explanation
of all sources:
Yamaha CS1x: My synthesiszer :)
PLEASURE.XM: From "Pleasure" by Aberration
Rebirth: From the Rebirth emulator
The square waves are from the SB Audigy 2 soundfont (IIRC).


 till the next release!
- jojo aka saga musix -

B900 Snare
Pulse Wave
awesome bass
Rim Shot
Snare Analog
Hi-Hat Overdrive
Crash 909
Hand Claps

CS 01 Bass

Square Wave
fake piano
Square Wave
RimShot 808Dist+909
B900 Distkick
Snare Analog
Hi-Hat Overdrive
TR-9o9 Crash Compressor
Hand Claps
Fat Anne String

57 CS 01 Bass+Melody
57 CS 01 Bass+Melody

Square Wave

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