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Steelchambers2 HQ Remake (saga_musix_-_steelchambers2.it)

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  • saga_musix_-_steelchambers2.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 8.11MB in size and has been downloaded 2182 times since Sun 1st Sep 2013 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 174278
  • Downloads: 2182
  • Favourited: 3 times
  • MD5: 2d80296318db5eb9ecca22e3e980c9d6
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 14
  • Uncompressed Size: 8.11MB
  • Genre: Video Game

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comments Artist's Comments

artist This is a high quality remake of the intro music from Pinball Fantasies, steelchambers2. I used the original pattern data, extended it to use more channels (for easier editing) and recorded high quality samples from the original sound sources used for this tune (my own Roland U-220 for melodic samples and the great kb6 collection for Roland R-8 drum sounds). Original tune by Olof Gustafsson (Blaizer / TBL). - Saga Musix

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member Posted by TCH on Mon 2nd Oct 2017, rated 10 / 10.

This remake is simply perfect.

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Info Internal Texts *

 |                                                                    |
 |  Saga Musix presents: Steelchambers2 HQ Remake(4:39)               |

Original tune by Olof Gustafsson for Pinball Fanatsies.
Roland U-220 HQ remake by Saga Musix.

I've always loved this tune. I loved it when I was a kid and didn't even
know what module music was all about, and I still love it. It's my
favourite ProTracker MOD and I've heard so many remixes of it, and all of
them were bad. But why's that? Simply because the original tune is already
perfect as it is. There's not much you can do about it. The only thing I
wanted was to have a version with higher quality samples. While browsing
the Roland U-220 preset list in SynthMania, it struck me that many of
those sounds were really familiar... I knew the from Steelchambers2!
So I decided to get a cheap U-220, sample the hell out of it and make a
HQ remake of this tune. And now you can hear the result of this work.
All samples that were originally from the Roland U-220 have been replaced
by new, high quality stereo recordings from said synth. The only exception
is sample 19, which totally lacks treble on the synth and even EQing didn't
make it sound nice. Plus, I always found its crunchy sound that can be
heard when disabling interpolation to be essential to the overall timbre,
so that was another reason to just resample it to 44KHz without applying
any kind of interpolation. The same has been done with the orchestra hit
thingy that I couldn't identify as well.
The Roland R8 drums are taken from the kb6 sample library and have been
edited a bit to be closer to the original tune.

Saga Musix, 31st of August 2013 (yeah... took me a while to release this.)


This work  is (c) 2013  by  Saga Musix of Nuance and  is  licensed  under  a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Original tune by Olof Gustafsson.

Track information:
- Started on the 27th of February 2013
- Finished on the 5th of July 2013

Please use OpenMPT 1.20+ or XMPlay to play this track.


You can contact me via e-mail at info_sagamusix.de.
If you want to chat with me...
- Jabber: sagamusix_jabber.ccc.de (preferred)
- ICQ: 324324485
- MSN: sagamusix_hotmail.com (as long as they keep up the servers, hehe)
- EsperNet: #modarchive, #modplug, #mod_shrine, #modulez, #nectarine
  (Nick = Saga_Musix or Saga)
- IRCNet: #evoke, #bitfellas, #breakpoint, #revision, #tUM
  (Nick = Saga_Musix or Saga_Off)

Feel free to visit my websites as well:
- http://sagamusix.de/ - Here you can download all my music, free
  samples and other stuff. (German and English)
- http://sagagames.de/ - This website is German only (ATM).  You can
  download some free games  and applications (some of them are English)
  and more stuff here.
- http://openmpt.org/ - Home of Open ModPlug Tracker :)

Sample credits:

The source of the samples are indicated in the filename of the samples.
- U-220: From my Roland U-220
- kb6: From the kb6 drum sample collection
- Resampled: Taken from the original INTRO.MOD and resampled at 44 KHz.

// Jojo a.k.a. Saga Musix

Pinball fantasies
A remarkable piece
Of software
This tune was created
Brass Section
Do enjoy the game
Greetings to all my
Friends worldwide
And a special thanx
Fairlight Vox+Fantasia
For helping me out
Chorus Piano
Stones and bones
Synth Bass 7
R8Kick06 (EQ/Comp/Dist)
R8Kick06 + R8Snare10
R8Snare04 (EQ/Comp/Dist)
R8Tom04 (EQ/Comp/Dist)
Brass Section 1
Atmosphere (EQ)
Perc (HiPass)
FX Set Boom
Perc (HiPass)
Perc (Reverb)
Fairlight Vox+Fantasia
Chorus Piano 1 (EQ)
Syn Bass 5?
Synth Bass 7
Chorus Piano 2 (EQ)
Chorus Piano 3 (EQ)
Chorus Piano 4 (EQ)
Syn Bass 5 (EQ, smp 19)
Brass Section 2

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