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One of a kind (ac-1ok.it)

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  • ac-1ok.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 1.02MB in size and has been downloaded 24796 times since Sun 21st Nov 1999 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 32722
  • Downloads: 24796
  • Favourited: 12 times
  • MD5: 05e74543c8fdd39a65117732164171c0
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 30
  • Uncompressed Size: 1.02MB
  • Genre: Orchestral

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member Posted by Ghidorah on Sat 27th Nov 1999, rated 9 / 10.

Hopefully i describe this song correct if i say it is ochestral and ambient. No matter of what style it is, this song is a musical masterpiece. The melody played by the piano and flutes are very beautiful. Another thing i especially liked with this song is the stops and the build-ups made in a proffesional way. The drums in the first part of the song could be more variating in my opinion. Everything is high quality here. The tracking technique is good and the samples are of high quality too. Although i think that this song could be longer. I didnt like the ending of this one. Maybe there is a extended version somewhere? Good job Acumen! I beleive this is your best work this far (even though i like inquistor very much).

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                               One of a kind

                                 by Acumen



                         Like snowflake on the sky,
                          I came into your mind,
                           I looked towards your eyes
                          and said your heart is mine,
                           you took a step behind
                          and told me I`m your kind,
                         right then I started smiling
                          and looked upon my darling.

                                       - Milan



                     these earthly seeds of heavenly
                    paradise that you`re spelled upon
                      every once and a while ..


                   like an ocean full of whales swimming
                  among those drops of Eden, humming to one
                   another with the justified knowing of
                  belonging on the face of the earth that
                   mankind no longer deserves to have ..


                                 The story?

               Where did this song really got it`s inspiration
                and the melancholy, it`s carrying force? ..

                     It`s a story of a boy and a girl,
                      the rest you might already know..

         I am sure we`d all like to cherish our loved ones and to
          think they`re something special between heaven and earth,
           something precious, and actually that`s quite true since
            we`re all different, yet at the same time all related.

           Every single person whom you get acquinted with during
          you`re life, you develope feelings, certain thoughts about
           this person. There was one feeling that held a thought
          with`in which I hadn`t had for a long time. I almost had
           closed my eyes for seeking it`s existance, and nearly
            completely had forgotten how it felt like ..

             She basicly turned me upside down, and reminded
              me that not all live is cold, unharsh, and full
             of hatred, dishonesty and repulsive acts of human.

             She reminded me how wonderful and precious life
              actually is, and how we all take it for granted,
                when infact no one owes us that blessing.



           Why is it that we have the urge to create destruction,
          deceives and lies with`in this garden of Eden which some
         of refer as planet earth? ..  Do we REALLY need guns, wars,
          victims, casualties and misery to understand how vulnerable
         mother nature is, and how significant we actually are.

          My answer at the time would be "yes". We`re spending more
           money in finding out more efficient ways to kill entire
          nations than in solving the problems that are slowly, but
           surely getting out of hands. In other words, we`re all in
          this together, shame on all of us!  There`s one thing I`m
           glad about, and that is that we won`t be vanishing without
           paying the price to all of this. The end is near, and it
           won`t be pretty. We`re all part of this chain which in
             the end leads to slow, but sure suicide of mankind,
                  suicide none of us really wanted.



           Here`s some music that I feel obligated to mention as
            like others, I also "drain" influences from the world
           surrounding me, and from the music I love listening to.

            First of all, Warder`s "Thanatos Minor" is something
             I didn`t instantly fall in love with, but after some
            period of time I got the hang of it, and experienced
             the airy, yet still "pressurized" enviroment.

             Once again I must thank Warder (the reincarnation
             of Mozart?) for these terrific samples he had done.
              Who knows if I`d have ever composed this song
                 without his inspiring pro-samples.

            Awesome`s "For a New World" is truly beautiful too,
             much more like my song than Warder`s, and maybe this
              silently taught me to control the flow of emotions,
             and to express them. A wonderful pop ballad!

            Nitzer`s "The Adventure" is quite similar to the
           mood and style Awesome`s song has, but this has more
            of the same elements as mine does. Like in mine, the
           piano plays an important role, and I could also almost
            swear I can hear a story been told with every note
              being played like it would be a word whispered
               in the air. Again, one song you must hear!

            Nightwish`s "Sleeping Sun". This is a commercial
             finnish band, so you won`t find this at any scene
              related site. Actually I have never liked heavy
             music, but this wonderful (not-se-heavy) ballad
              made an instant affection on me, exspecially the
             female singer`s beautiful "opera" type of singing).


                        .closing words & thoughts.

         It felt damn good to compose again to tell you the truth.
           I`d compare this experience to holding your breath for
         a minute and then slowly inhaling again. It sure does feel
          good, doesn`t it? ..  This was like a new discovery for
           me with an old subject of interest. I think I`ve simply
          come to realize that the key factor in making music is
           that there`s no time, only space ..

             Funny thing, I kept whistling my own song for the
            first time in my life, and infact, I actually didn`t
              remember nor realize that it was my own song
                I kept on repeating ..

           Another funny thing is how many of you have asked me
            about my knowledge of music theory, and the simple
           fact that I don`t have much knowledge of theory at all.
            I know I`m not alone with this matter, since there are
           many people just like me, composing music and that are
          confronted with the same type of questions and amazements.
           I`d like to learn more about theory, but at the same time
            I can`t help to think that it might take away something
          "untained" and "pure" with my work among music, in it`s
            style and unique way of presenting it. Well, in any
             case, music theory is an interesting field which
               I am coming more aware of day by day ..


                               .t.h.e. .e.n.d.

                 This is all for now, but before I finish,
                let me light a candle of hope to enlighten
                 your day. As you`re listening to the end of
                my song, you can hear that it`s reaching out
                  for a better tomorrow as the melody changes
                   from melancholic to one that carries more
                      hope and belief inside ..


          Email>> acumen_kolubmus.fi

       Homepage>> www.kolumbus.fi/acumen

      Snailmail>> Milan Kolarovic
                  Hollontie 59
                  35320 Hirsila

      (c) Milan Kolarovic (aka Acumen)
          2nd of October 1999


Old record Sfx
CL hihat #1
CL hihat #2
OP hihat
Mark Tree

Twilight Piano
Power Choir
Classical Strings
Sighing Pad
Bass Choir
Bass Pad
Angel Choir

Drumseq. (1) kick
Drumseq. (2) kick
Drumseq. (2) snare
Drumseq. (1) orion rim
Drumseq. (1) clap
FatBass #1
FatBass #2
FatBass #3
Power Chord
Power Chord (echo)

   One of a kind

 Composed by Acumen

  (aka Milan Kolarovic)

      Copyright (c) 1999
     All Rights Reserved






 #Duration  4"34
 #Channels  28/105
 #Finished  2.10.1999
 #Filename  AC-1OK.IT
 #Filesize  1047kb
 #Version   8bit (final)


 This song is dedicated
 to that sweet and sen-
 sual girl who gave me
 a reason and the inspi-
 ration to compose this
 song. For you, Aiste.


 IF anyone would want my
 music or my work to be
 involved in demos, ga-
 mes, or with other type
 of SERIOUS projects or
 developements, commer-
 cial or non-commercial,
 please don`t hesitate
 to contact me! ..


   SHIFT + F9 for more
    info and thoughts.


final mark(?)> "RIH"
Old record Sfx
CL hihat #1
CL hihat #2
OP hihat
Bd #1
Bd #2
Orion rim
Mark Tree

Trinity Piano #01
Trinity Piano #02
Trinity Piano #03
Trinity Piano #04
Trinity Piano #05
Trinity Piano #06
Trinity Piano #07
Trinity Piano #08
Trinity Piano #09
Trinity Piano #10
Trinity Piano #11

Power Chord

Sighing Pad
Bass Choir
Bass Pad
QSynth Bass #1
QSynth Bass #2
QSynth Bass #3
Power Choir
Angel Choir
Classical Strings

   One of a kind

    (c) Acumen

 My contribution for the
   "Hugi Diskmagazine"
       (issue #18).

 Sample Credits:

 #Warder. Most of the
 samples I`ve used are
 his own handwriting.
 Without his great work
 and effort on those, my
 song MIGHT NOT have seen
 daylight at all.
 Thanks mate!!

 #Awesome. I`ve used his
 drum samples that Warder
 had taken into his song
 called "Thanatos Minor".

 #Nitzer. Three samples
 have been taken from
 his masterpiece, "The
 Adventure". Absolutely
 a great piece of music!

 #Tourach. I`ve taken
 one sample from one of
 his unfinished songs.

  IF U use any of these
  samples, please remem-
  ber to contribute the
  rightfull owners for
  them. Thank you!



 Warder. Zealan. Tourach.
 Awesome. Nitzer. Westis.
 Purple Motion. Kriffin.
 Wayfinder. Anders A.

  .. and all the people
 in the whole wide world
   who like my music!!

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