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everone go m (m.mod)

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  • m.mod is a MOD format module. Uncompressed, it is 507.67KB in size and has been downloaded 3130 times since Thu 26th Nov 1998 :D

Info Info

  • Mod Archive ID: 48493
  • Downloads: 3130
  • Favourited: 1 times
  • MD5: 1946efa8cc1e0ea7131f2038e1f69bc4
  • Format: MOD
  • Channels: 4
  • Uncompressed Size: 507.67KB
  • Genre: Comedy

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  • Member Rating: rating (6 / 10)
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comments Artist's Comments

artist This rather old piece of shit rubbish I made back in my youth actually made it onto the cover CD of Amiga Format, and won the first ever 'mod of the month' competition that ran in that magazine. Needless to say, it's no reflection on the quality here - it's amazing crap :)

The vocal sample is just me, no kazoo ;)

There's even a sequel made that was done on request of a game company (somewhere in Wales, UK)... you can grab that brilliant crappy module here: everone go m21

In response to a couple of the comments on this track: a) Don't waste your time! lol. b) The drums were in time on the Amiga, it relied on CIA-chip timing which as far as I can tell isn't very accurate in PC re-players. c) What do you expect from an adolescent teenager with a crappy reverb box and a CB radio microphone hacked into it? - m0d

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member Posted by Pip Malt on Thu 24th May 2007, rated 6 / 10.

This is hilarious! But... a little repetitive (I have to be so negative!). Some of the voice samples are overdriven, so they sound a bit scratchy. The amazing thing is it is in tune! :O The drums are out of beat, BTW. :)

member Posted by Saga Musix on Thu 24th May 2007, rated 7 / 10.

indeed, this is sick - but on the other side (or just because of this!) it's cool! it would have been cool if this was a bit longer ;)

member Posted by slammy on Thu 24th May 2007, rated 7 / 10.

Insane. I never knew m0d back then, but this file certainly seems familiar somehow. It's sick, and features m0d's insane vocal talents!. It has the usual m0d brain attacking approach of latching on to your senses, and not letting go. I'm gonna be humming this for a long time. I'd like to hear this remade, with the amazing skills m0d has today, rather than the less desirable ones 10 years ago :P

member Posted by Azo (Jesse Worley) on Wed 16th Dec 1998, rated 4 / 10.

Though continuously singled with a very simplistic and overused chord progression, this track is fairly intriguing in the musical aspect. It has a borderline repetition that almost makes confusion from the few samples, but offers enough of a change continuously to allow some possible expansion on the theme. I would like to hear a bit more of a lead, as the chord progression is certainly capable of supporting almost anything. The samples intertwined are pretty cool, with some really kick ass wah-wah effects, and a nice low synth. The "mmm" sound is a bit overbearing throughout most of the track, but given the artist's intentions with this track I believe that it should be kept as is. The drum track is strong, but is a little heavy with double rides, and some immediate cut outs that leave a little to be desired. Overall, this is an interesting piece, spawning far from the normal techno and ambient tracks that have become so common. It has extreme potential rhythmically and melodically, but this particular run lacks repeat playability. The sound is rather full for so few channels, which is something not commonly seen. However, the mixing could be a little cleaner, as some of the samples cut suddenly, and do not play out their potential. The drums are a bit too heavy through the beginning, but come to a reasonable volume withing the midlle portions of the track. This progression has been used for ages in many pop songs, and offers many exclusive transitions and changes that the artist does not exploit. I would have liked to have seen a minor chord progression breakdown, with a quick slide to a new key, given the nature of the key signature, as that is its prime expectant. However, not too bad technically, with a lot of resonating sound through a small number of channels.

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Info Internal Texts *

<by greg tuby of
amiga music workshop
i did all of the
vocal samples myself
(just how sad am i?)
please read the text
files in sample 1f
save it off as a raw
sample and load it in
to a text viewer
hello to paul penson
at amiga design!!!!
(the amw gfx company)
i hope u r getting on
ok with shadow and
whisky!   miow!
hello to mr. amiga
i am just going to
eat your co processor
munch munch munch
now for denise and
paula, a tasety set
of chips, not bad
looking either!!!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
la la la la la la la
how did u guess i get
bored typing these
bloody texts?
ok here is the readme
README please.raw

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