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Title: MEL -Goblins
Filename: goblins.it
Posted Sun 6th Jun 1999
Rated 9 / 10
This is a moody song, perfect for games and movies. It's hard to describe this song, because it doesen't have any real melody, but creates a very dark mood accompanied by a lot of effects including thunder and so on. Everything sounds close to perfect, and the sound effects are used very well. It's obvious that the artist has got a lot of experience with this type of music, and I hope for the game companies' sake that they soon find this artist and let him produce the music they need. The samples are mostly very good. The Instruments are perfect for this song, and fit very well together. Some of them are bad looped though you don't notice that when listening to the song. The sound effects are also very good, the thunder is very powerful and sounds real. The stereo panning is good, but I think that the artist should have used more "extreme" panning so that the song feel more "spacey".

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Title: another galaxy
Filename: galaxy.xm
Posted Wed 13th Jan 1999
Rated 5 / 10
The progression in this song is good, but it lacks variation. The whole composition is based on the background strings constantly changing between A, F and G and a simple bassline. The drums are powerful, but the solos aren't good enough to get one interested. Some places the flute solo changes from a high pitch to a very low pitch, somehing that results in the sound drowning in the background so it sounds like the note has been cut clean off. But about 3mins out in the song, a nice section with a lead solo and a woman voice sample comes. It really gives you the feel of another galaxy. The problem with this song is that it is too noisy. The artist should work more on balancing the volumes, and he should definetely get some better samples in fothcoming productions. He should also take more advantage in the instrument options. Another thing he should consider is working with the panning. That would have made the song sound more interesting.