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Title: g.o.f.h
Filename: gofh.xm
Posted Mon 5th Jul 1999
Rated 9 / 10
Another excellent song from Reptile & Sky.This song is loaded with awesome techno,great beats and "breathtaking" melodies. The samples are perfectly put together,and the song has lots of variasion in it.There seem to be new things happening all the time.The melodies are incredible catchy. The artist has done a great job with this song. The samples are great,and the effects is used very well indeed. Everything fits together in perfect harmony.I would have given this a 10 if it haven`t been for the lenght. This song is too short to recieved the highest score.Next time the artists makes a song,they should try to make it longer:)But apart form the short lenght this is an awesome dance tune. Do not hesitate,download this tune now!!!

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Title: Ninja Faith
Filename: ninfaith.xm
Posted Mon 5th Jul 1999
Rated 4 / 10
Interesting beginning.Starts with a good vocal sample,made by the artist(I think).Then some nice strings comes in and drums are added.But after that nothing more interesting seem to happen.Some new strange instruments comes inn,and it doesn`t make the song any better.The new instruments are played too loud and makes it hard to hear the melody of it. There are some nice melodies in this song.But the whole piece was just a bit too boring and repetivtive to me.The samples were good though. Not much technical routines used in this song.It`s just strings and drums. The artist shows he`s got some creativtiy,cause it`s been a long time since I heard a song like this. But the song goes way too much in loop and therefore makes it not so fun to listen to. The samples were good,and they were but together nicely.