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Title: crack the eggshell!
Filename: eggshell.mod
Posted Mon 30th Aug 1999
Rated 5 / 10
It's a kind of game/demo style piece of music, and is very well composed, sounds just like it really did in 1992 on the amiga scene. Although this is no revolutionary tune, just a standard classic which you'll find in any old game/demo from the beginning of the 90's. Download this if you like nostalgia and gamemusic. The samples are in quite good quality for beeing an 8bit mod file, so that's no disturbing thing. The melody is the standard game/platform music, not that advanced, but is ok if you have anything to do while listening to it, i.e playing a platform game :)

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Title: Endless Dream
Filename: end_drea.xm
Posted Sun 15th Aug 1999
Rated 9 / 10
Wow, is this music or what!! It's been a while since I heard music as great as this one. This is music that makes you happy :) The whole song seems almost perfect. The piano and strings fits in just perfect and creates a nice song from the beginning to the end. The melodies are very nice and "dreamy", and like the entire song, very professional. The 303's in the background is also very good and just adds more "feeling" to the song. All samples, from the piano to the drums is very good and high quality. The beat is also great and keeps a steady rhythm trough the whole song. This is a hit!!

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Title: The Effect
Filename: effect.xm
Posted Thu 5th Aug 1999
Rated 4 / 10
Every sample and part of the song are put together in a quite a good way. Nice samples and a decent melody, but there's not much new things turning up in the song. It's pretty much the same stuff all the way. Good beat and samples makes it a decent song.

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Title: Deep Ocean 6:32
Filename: r-deep.xm
Posted Sat 10th Jul 1999
Rated 9 / 10
A very good dream-trance-house song! This is like you said, a "deep atmospheric composition". Very good instruments that fit very well together. You could close your eyes and enter a dream world. Ear candy! Download! It doesn´t get dull one second! This piece of music has really nice 8-bit samples (not one 16-bit sample in this one :-( )Nevertheless, Get it!!