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Title: Drumming 2
Filename: wc_drum2.xm
Posted Sat 1st Jan 2000
Rated 5 / 10
Well ehh, good start to it. Starts up as the basic drum and bass beat to it. Adds some snairs and guitar on it. Guitar sample is a little harsh but it still works. Not much too it other then a simple beat and a repeating melody. Same basic tune through and through. Drums set up in a simple 4/4 time. Good echo out at then end. Guitar sample was sampled poorly when first done so nothing you could do about it. Little short though, only 1:55.

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Title: Stars is in space
Filename: starspace.xm
Posted Tue 2nd Nov 1999
Rated 7 / 10
Simple but all over effective melody. Melody shown from the start and almost throughout the entire piece.Nice background samples give it almost an out of this world feel to it. Rather basic melody which you can get away with in a ballad. Piece is set up in an ABA format where the opening melody is used...then it is sped up...then back to the opening melody. Next time even if it is a ballad I would like to see a slightly more complex melody used.

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Title: tRaNcE aT c
Filename: wc_tranc.mod
Posted Thu 28th Oct 1999
Rated 6 / 10
Nice fade in entry to it. Main melody shown instantly which can cause it to drag on later in the piece. Rather short(1:32) and simple. Fast drum samples throughout and a repeating simple melody. I liked the shadow melody in the background of this. Rather simple in the basics of it. Same melody used through the whole piece. Try a few more melodies or even a more complex melody next time to make the piece sound not so much like one small track looped. Ending rather suddenly but fade into the piece is very effective.

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Title: Planet Unknown
Filename: wc_unkno.xm
Posted Thu 28th Oct 1999
Rated 7 / 10
Nice introduction into it..set up for the mellow mood of it almost instantly.No fast beats or harsh samples. Nice flute-like samples in there and backgroup storm effect. Simple melody used throughout it. Next time try a more complex melody to keep the listener's attention throughout Very simple melody in this. Basic sequential 3rd's is used as the base of the melody Nice harmony with the flute samples. I liked the slow pase of this and it sounds like it was thought out. Nice piece if you just want to sit back and relax

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Title: Light of Damnition
Filename: wc_lod.xm
Posted Sat 17th Jul 1999
Rated 5 / 10
Good intro to it...seems to build up to something. Then some classic drum beats. Then one bad keyboard sample that fits NO where in with the electronica theme at the start. Ends well though ( back to the electronica/techno theme of it). Hmm what to say...Nice electronic sample at the start that sets the mood. Very Poor keyboard sample that is much to soft for the opening style. I'd go with a little of a more harsh keyboard sample next time to keep with the same theme. Little short with not much of an ending ( just fades out leaving you with the feeling "alright back to the techno" then it ends. A more deffinite ending would be better next time.