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Title: Super Chicken
Filename: a-----02.it
Posted Fri 23rd Nov 2001
Rated 1 / 10
Umm... Super Chicken? What kind of a name is that?? Sorry, but this song failed to impress in ANY way. The high pitch drone all the way through gets damned annoying. The melody (if you call it that) is quite pathetic. Change in the middle is VERY SLIGHTLY better, and JUST prevents a "novice" rating. Overall though... boring. Umm... not a SINGLE effect used. Though it may help in some, this is definitely NOT in this mods favour. The volumes stay on 64 all the way through aswell. Very basic stuff here. Obviously a beginner.

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Title: Autumn
Filename: a-autumn.it
Posted Fri 27th Apr 2001
Rated 9 / 10
An ambient adaptation of techno. Structured well with thunder and rain at the beginning and end of the song. Kind of strange that a thunder-storm is associated with autumn, but, no matter... Nice use of synthesized chords. Enough variance to keep it interesting (even a drum solo!). Nice melody. Overall, well created. Can't fault anything here. Sample quality is excellent, with a mix of 8-bit and 16-bit samples where required. AnE shows his knowledge of tracking well in this song. Great use of panning effects.

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Title: rob hubbard
Filename: a-000001.mod
Posted Thu 29th Mar 2001
Rated 6 / 10
Not bad. Done in the days of the old Amiga. A few interesting moments. Nothing mind boggling though. Groovy bass line and beat. Cool change in the middle. Not incredibly original, except for the middle section. About all you could expect from an Amiga. Four channels, use of stereo effects, the usual Amiga stuff, though it does push the Amiga to its limits! If you like the old Amiga sound, get it.

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Title: The begining.... NRG
Filename: a-000000.it
Posted Wed 28th Mar 2001
Rated 9 / 10
Interesting, to say the least. Great fusion of hard rock (like Korn) and some weird effects, like musical box chimes (well, that's what they sound like to me!). Creates effect of chaos/end-of-world very effectively. Really gets you up and rockin! Get it, and hear something... different. Superb use of panning. Technically, this mod is hard to fault, except that the "rock" samples seem to be ripped straight from a CD and not actually tracked out. Oh well. Sounds great anyway. Sample quality is terrific.